Mandatory chew dried cloves! Specifically went to the doctor to utter words of gratitude.

Medicinal properties of cloves are widely used in Chinese medicine. This fragrant spice can cure many diseases thanks to its unique composition. In a carnation contains provitamin a (beta-carotene), b vitamins, vitamins C, E, omega-3 fatty acids, essential oil and various minerals.

The composition of spices and really impressive, all the substances work! Thanks to the advice of an intelligent physician, naturopath I managed to get rid of chronic angina: it is strongly recommended that every day to chew dry cloves. A miracle happened: a terrible sore throat, which became already habitual, is finally receded!

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Dried cloves has many other supermacist. After hearing about all, you will certainly buy a couple of bags of this surprisingly cheap spice! The cost is ridiculous compared to many drugs but doing dry buds with the problems perfectly.

Properties gvozdichek to use dried cloves
  1. For purification from parasites
    To get rid of worms is very simple. Only need to chew a few buds of dried clove for 30 minutes before eating! To do so it is necessary 2 times a day. It is a strong preventive measure if worms no. If any — body will be completely cleared from parasites a few days later. One dried clove Bud in about 20% of essential oil, which contains aromatic substances: eugenol, caryophyllene and ilagan. Also the nail there is a huge amount of tannins.

    With such a rich composition carnation efficient: her fear not only worms, but other pathogens, e.g., Staphylococcus aureus, diphtheria Bacillus, and even the tubercle Bacillus.

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  2. For treatment of the oral cavity
    You can safely replace the gum is dry buds of clove! If you take the habit to chew on this dry spice every day, you can forget about stomatitis, periodontitis, inflammation of the gums. Essential oils that are in the nail, remove bad breath and will not let him appear again. This natural remedy is much more effective than regular mouthwash for oral cavity! And the price of dry spices — penny.

    If you noticed the first signs of sore throat or sore throat, chew a couple of small cloves. Throat immediately cease to be ill, the disease will be stopped! Method, which always helps.

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  3. To improve digestion
    Cloves will help to improve digestive processes and to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract. For this you need to chew 2 buds of clove with 1 tsp of honey 15 minutes before eating. Be careful, there are contraindications! For gastric and duodenal ulcers, as well as for high blood pressure you cannot apply this method. In all other cases — is recommended. Stimulation of the digestive process and normalization of metabolism will help to lose weight faster.

    Cloves also treat colitis, flatulence, to help cope with gastritis with low acidity.

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  4. For cancer prevention
    The present composition of clove eugenol, which slows the growth of cancer cells and prevents the appearance of new ones. There is research on this topic. In families where bad heredity, where people have suffered from cancer, so prevention is very appropriate: the spice will help to improve overall health and prevent serious illness.
  5. To increase the pressure
    If you have low blood pressure, try to use cloves! Should just chew a little dry the buds, and the effect is better than coffee. Will be a headache that is accompanied by competitive pressure, leaving the lethargy and dizziness. People with normal blood pressure sometimes also shows to replace the coffee with cloves. Well not only invigorates, but also stimulates the body's defenses!

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Useful properties of cloves are impressive! My mom checked out another amazing property of the dried buds — calming. It stopped bothering insomnia, and it is happiness... the fact is that the aromatic spice contains a complex of b vitamins, which are so necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

The Board of Directors to determine the quality of a clove, throw it in with force. Dry Bud should drown, or will float vertically, with the inflorescence upwards.

If carnation is floating horizontally, it no longer has healing properties, unfortunately. This is an indication that essential oils are completely evaporated.

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If you are seriously interested in the use of dried cloves to improve your health, write us about it in the comments. Cloves have many more secrets: it turns out, a special mulled wine that insist on dry cloves will help to protect yourself from any heart problems. Let me know and we'll give you the recipe!

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