8 things you can learn about you just by looking at your face

It appears, on the face can be read not only emotions and thoughts. Some of its features can tell a lot about your health, character and level of intelligence.


The website encourages the reader to pay attention to these features to find out more information about new acquaintances and old friends.

Large cheekbones can be a sign of the aggressiveness of People who have high testosterone levels, have massive cheekbones and are usually more aggressive and assertive than people with soft lines of the chin. In addition, such people usually are natural leaders and often occupied high positions.

Thin face indicator of the health of People with lightly marked cheeks and a thin face are much less likely to suffer from infectious diseases. And they have a low level of anxiety and depression because of their physical form has a positive effect on the mental state.

The attractiveness of a face is affected by your clothes One recent experiment showed that the color of the clothes can affect the perception of the human face, even if the clothes are not visible. When a person wears their favourite dress or suit, then it starts to feel much more confident, which, of course, reflected in the expression on his face.

The fullness of the face says the problems generally, if a person has a large face, he has some problems with excess weight. A large amount of fat on the face can be dangerous in itself and to signal health problems.

As the skin color affects the health of People who consume vegetables and fruits orange or red, usually have a yellowish or Golden complexion. And it speaks only of a large amount of useful carotenoids in their body that strengthen the immune system.

As the pretty face affects the character In one study, researchers found that men with children's facial features, with age, became very demanding and pushy. This is due to the fact that men tried so to compensate for his youthful uncertainty and isolate themselves from the ridicule associated with their "puppy dog" faces.

Why do people with a pinkish skin tone more attractive Holders potona pink skin do not have problems with the blood and are usually very active and cheerful. In addition, the pink tinge to the skin indicates a good production of estradiol — the hormone responsible for sexual attraction.

Your face in old age will give out all your secrets On an ageing face is beginning to reflect those traits and aspects of personality that were not so obvious at a young age. For example, if a woman considers herself attractive and a lot of talking with the opposite sex, with age, her fascination will only increase.

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