Salad of raw beets: 3 SUPER healthy recipe

Homeland of beet consider the Islands of the Mediterranean sea. We know from history that she has earned the respect as a medicinal plant and much later spread cultural forms of the root.

The product includes a lot of fiber, organic acids and different trace elements (magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron, zinc and iodine, phosphorus). Also, beets contain the b vitamins, PP, C, R and a lot of folic acid and betaine.

Important information for those who lead a healthy lifestyle and watching their health and figure: the caloric content of beet equal to 40 kcal per 100 g

A small list of benefits:

  • prevention of rickets in children;

  • normalization of intestinal and gastric microflora.

  • the prevention of cancer and atherosclerosis;

  • treatment of scurvy and hypertension; wound healing agent; the instillation of nose with a cold, and gargling with angina;

  • prevention of constipation and elimination of toxins;

  • the decrease in the level of cholesterol in the blood;

  • prevention of depression and nervous exhaustion.


How best to cook the beets, retaining the most valuable quality?

Heat processing destroys many valuable substances, as they pass into the broth, so to use this vegetable is better fresh. Do not get tired to assert raw foodists.

The use of beets speeds up the metabolism and heavy meals (meat, fat) are digested and absorbed much easier. That's why this bright beauty is a welcomed guest in any home and on any table.

A salad of fresh beet, carrot and Apple is a real "vitamin bomb". In vegetables, not subjected to heat treatment, is useful. It is recommended to prepare these salads all year round, but especially in the winter, especially carrots, beets and apples stored excellent.

Appreciate a salad with fresh beets, those who are fasting — vegetable wonderful support at this time, the body needs trace elements. In addition, beet is a natural "cleaner". It helps to clean the intestines, if there is constipation, fights toxins and putrefactive bacteria.

Carrot is a leader in the vitamin A — helps in the growth and improvement of immunity, rejuvenation, and vision correction. Apples are the leaders in vitamin C and iron, containing rough cellulose help digestion.

Recipe fresh vitamin salad of beets, carrots and Apple


  • raw not a big beet

  • crude is not a major Morkovin

  • Apple average

  • lemon juice — teaspoon

  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil

How to prepare:

1. All the vegetables wash, peel and grate coarsely. Apple is recommended to prepare the salad last, it can darken from oxidation.

2. All the components to collect in a container and add a few crystals of lemon, stir, add the oil.

3. Putting salad on the table, as desired, sprinkle with fresh green onions and a favorite in your family greens.


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