Indian diet

One of the easiest diets which you can make your own from products recommended to use daily. Duration of the diet – 1-2 weeks. Minus: will have to completely abandon meat products.

Products for each day:

1. Dairy: natural yogurt, lean cheese.

2. Vegetables with natural yoghurt, cheese, soy.

3. Nuts.

4. Steamed vegetables (lunch or dinner).

5. Soups.

6. Fruit (no more than three items).

7. 4-6 boiled eggs a week.


Sample menu Indian diet:



A glass of fresh juice (fruit or vegetable), Cup of tea with milk (without sugar), a few crackers with glass of skim milk.



Select one of the following options:

1. 200 g cottage cheese 20 % fat, and fresh fruit salad.
2. A Cup of cooked rice, a bowl of fresh cucumbers, sprinkle with sunflower oil.
3. Semolina with boiled vegetables.



Select one of the following options:

1. Soy roast, lettuce, yogurt and Apple compote.
2. Vegetable casserole, slice of bread, fresh tomato.
3. Two boiled eggs with a slice of toasted bread, spinach, dressing on the side.

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