How to choose a toothbrush?

Everyone wants to have sparkling smile as with advertising. Then not a sin to everyone and everywhere to show off your white healthy teeth. To do this, we select the best toothpastes, mouthwash and hygiene of the mouth.

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But another important aspect in the care of the oral cavity correctly chosen toothbrush. The degree of softness of its bristles, the main selection criteria in most cases. So, there are soft, hard and medium hardness.

If you have problems with the gums, they often bleed, better buy toothpaste with a soft bristle brush.

You can also choose multifunctional toothbrush: with a special cleansing for language, which whitens teeth and even massaging the gums. Did you know that there are toothbrushes? Maybe you use it, even without predstavlena about functionality.

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For example, toothbrushes with rubber plates between the bristles make your teeth whiter, that is, they whitening.

If the bristle brush has rubber fingers while brushing the teeth you also massage the gums.

Placement bristle crosswise helps to clear the plaque where normal brushes can't reach.

If you forget to change the brush, buy a brush-indicator. When its bristles will change color to half – time to buy a new one.

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Take care of your teeth!

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