The benefits of sweets

Since childhood, vigilant mothers and grandmothers taught us: there is not a lot of sweet – sweets spoil the teeth, figure and in General it is harmful! No doubt, truth in these words. But, it turns out, is to avoid sweets is not very good for your health. Perhaps, after all, it is necessary to understand what healthy sweets on your Desk.

How to find a middle ground, to determine what kind of sweets and in some cases will bring you the greatest benefit.


Real chocolate is rich in magnesium, iron, antioxidants, stimulates the production of endorphins – “happiness hormones”, and the best means from depression has not yet been invented. Chocolate contains Tonin that slows the growth of oral bacteria, zinc strengthens the immune system, stearic acid, lowers levels of cholesterol in the blood, valeric acid, have a calming effect. Phenylethylamine contained in chocolate that gives you energy by increasing levels of the hormone serotonin, and antioxidants are a preventative remedy for cancer. Chocolate contains two times more antioxidants than red wine and three times more than green tea! In pyatidesyatimetrovoy the bar of chocolate contains as much antioxidants as in 28 glasses of white wine, 17 glasses of orange juice or 2 glasses of red wine.
Especially useful in dark chocolate: 100 g of sweets in the day, improve functioning of blood vessels and protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals. Scientists have established that two hours after the person eats a little dark chocolate, it improves the circulation of blood through the vessels and reduces the likelihood of blood clots. Chocolate milk also contains high amounts of calcium and manganese, which help maintain strong bones and healthy teeth, and magnesium, beneficial for the nervous system. And due to the high content of protein, calcium and phosphate milk chocolate has beneficial effects on tooth enamel.
Dried fruits

Dried fruits are considered to be most safe and useful sweets. And because they are a real consolation for the sweet tooth. They contain many microelements, biologically active substances, vitamins and pectin to cleanse the intestines. And besides, the joy of us, calories in them is almost twice less than in the Sahara. And instead of sugar, dry-fruits contain fructose, which is due to the peculiarities of chemical structure does not allow the intestines to absorb large amounts of sugar and cholesterol and, in contrast to the usual sweets, will not increase the level of insulin in the blood.
It is clear that the fruits is a completely natural product containing no dyes, stabilizers, emulsifiers and other. In addition, in the dried fruit contains large amounts of calcium, strengthening the hair and nails, magnesium to control blood pressure, potassium, improves the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as sodium and iron to support hemoglobin levels in the blood. And of course, the fiber and pectin that normalize the gastrointestinal tract. However, this information should not overshadow the fact that dried fruits are a concentrated version of fruit fresh, and therefore, their excessive use is fraught with flatulence and diarrhoea. Nutritionists believe that usually during the day, an adult man enough to eat 4-5 berries dried apricots or prunes, 2-3 dried figs or a handful of raisins.

Marmalade, marshmallows and halva

The marmalade is made on the basis of molasses, pectin and gelatin. Experts say that gelatin is included in the composition of marmalade, is useful for muscles, skin, hair and blood vessels. Pectin helps to eliminate toxins, cleanses the intestines, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. In addition, the jams and jellies are enriched with fruit juices do not contain fat and low-calorie. And the Zephyr and pastila is useful for muscles, enhance immunity, and have a positive effect on hair, nails and blood vessels. By the way, remember that marshmallows and candy will bring you more benefits if you eat them 16 to 18 hours: it was at this time in your blood glucose level falls.
Still useful, but calories can also be called halva. Yes, calories in halva more than all the other sweet; and yet it contains large amounts of vegetable oils, protein, fiber and minerals.
In short, if the sweets are made from natural products, with reasonable use, they will bring undoubted benefits to health, because it is a natural stimulator of vital activity. Don't forget to brush your teeth after you eat a delicious and very useful, as we already knew, chocolate – decay, alas, has not been canceled.

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