3D printer prints fruit

We all love ripe apples or pears, but often the harvest is accompanied by razbolelas back and incredible fatigue.

One company has decided not to bother picking fruit, but simply to print them. Design company Cambridge Used produces a 3D printer that can print edible "fruits".

The company is cooperating with Microsoft in Cambridge, argues that the printing process takes only a few seconds to print an Apple, pear or other fruit is not difficult.

Creating food with 3D printer-is certainly a futuristic concept, and not everyone today will be delighted by this idea. 3D printed pizza is definitely fun, but always eat steak or 3D 3D a pear, perhaps not everyone will be happy. Although, if it is tasty and inexpensive, such food might gain popularity.

As the developers say, this technique is designed for chefs, gourmets and those interested in making creative Lunches. No special cooking knowledge is required, and the produced fruit is organic.

The company uses a technique of molecular gastronomy, which is known for many years as specifikacija (giving fluids of spherical forms).

With this method, liquids can be given the shape of a sphere in two different ways. According to reports, the process was originally developed by Unilever in the 50s, but only in the last decade, this process began to be used in the modern kitchen. One method can be used for shaping liquids which are high in calcium, such as milk, and the other is perfect for liquids like fruit juice or puree, in which virtually no calcium.

Although the exact process used Used, is not disclosed, however, it can be assumed that they use the second option.

With this method the liquid or fruit puree mixed with a very small amount of a substance, called sodium alginate, then quickly placed it in a bowl of soluble calcium salt. At this stage, the juice or puree to form very small spheres, very much like small fish ROE, whose shell keep the contents inside.

On 3D printer brings these small fragrant spheres with other spheres of the same or different taste to form individual edible "fruits" that look like the user wants.

Vaiva Melnikaite (Vaiva Kalnikaitė), creative Director and founder of the Used, says: "We were thinking about setting up such a project for some time. It is also an exciting project for us as an innovation lab. Our 3D fruit printer will open up new opportunities not only for professional chefs but for home kitchens. We have reinvented the concept of fresh fruit on demand."

The company claims that with this printer you can not only recreate existing fruits, but also invent your own. "Taste, texture, size and shape of the fruit, all can be adjusted in settings".


Source: facepla.net


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