How to live the day in a good mood

We live each day in a series of current days. Get up early, hastily eat Breakfast and run to work, solving someone else's problem, not noticing life, not preserving their health. And ultimately, running days for days, months, years. Life goes purchased first small, and then serious disease. What is it? The struggle for daily bread? Yes it is possible, for bread, for the education of the younger generation, the maintenance of life, preservation of the family and help the older generation, parents, relatives, in life. All of this is important and necessary from the point of view of a decent man.

But in a series of their everyday worries and responsibilities, we must not forget about themselves, about what the body requires constant maintenance of health, restoration of health and strength.

If we want to have health, we must daily deal with them. A healthy lifestyle, it is not the words, is the recognition of the need to maintain health in the body, saving the life of the reserves. It is the culture of life of an educated person.

Medicine in our time is very expensive, and it is ridiculous to rely on potions and pills. Yeah, maybe in an emergency they will help, but to turn it into a system, it is short-sighted.

Here are the basic directions of maintenance of their physical and spiritual health on a daily basis and for years to come.

• Proper light diet: diet 3-4 times a day, and always, the last meal not later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. Will not gain weight, it will be a peaceful sleep. The material on nutrition is available at the website.

• Correct drinking regime, the doctors say we should drink in day not less than 1.5-2 liters of fluid. Of course it's important, but substitute clean drinking water teas with sweets, a variety of concentrated beverages made in industrial conditions is the path to disease. Get up in the morning, drink pure glass. This triggers the body to work, additionally earn the kidneys, will be thinning the bile, which is useful for bowel cleansing. Don't forget during the day to drink clean water.

• Get enough sleep, 7-8 hours and sometimes more hours of night sleep. A full night's sleep restores all the cells of the body, which promotes good mood and health. In the afternoon You will have the pull to sleep, be fit and healthy.

• Physical activity: in a good mood, high work performance, discipline will be achieved when You are engaged in the morning at least 15 minutes of exercise. By improving blood circulation, improves the function of organs and restore health, performance, mood, all the parameters of life. On this day, consider You will have time to fulfill our plans. Try it and You will see this. During exercise really determined effort to maintain a good mood.

• Take a night to yourself at least 15 minutes for an evening walk in the fresh air, admire the beautiful city lights, moonlit sky, the stars, they are so beautiful, we just forgot about it. And this is the enduring values to which man must return again and again.

• Hygiene mental state: do Not give a bad mood throughout the day, control your emotions, eventually the negative emotions will not help, and perceived intelligence always contributes to the organization.

• General hygiene: daily, weekly, hand hygiene, clothes,
housing, air components not only health, but also good mood, fruitful productivity.

• Work on spiritual growth. It would be good on a daily basis or at least whenever possible, to work on new knowledge, understanding of the causes of certain events in personal and social life and then seeks to eliminate them from your life, life
will not go in a series of bad days. There's a lot of smart people have searched for the meaning of life and wrote treatises on the philosophy of life.

Spiritual development, the accumulation of the Divine, understanding of the processes of nature, human relationships, this is an interesting and versatile life, which gives a person happiness and fullness.

• Be happy and healthy!



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