How useful pumpkin for health


Wonderful product — pumpkin — unfairly deprived of attention. Let's find out why it is important to include in the diet.

Than a good pumpkin:

1. It helps in combating diseases of the heart, blood vessels, stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, as well as colds.

2. She is considered the champion of the content of iron, therefore, is indicated in the treatment of anemia.

3. Due to the large number of vitamins: C, b, carotene, E, PP, K, T – pumpkin strengthens hair, nails, protects the skin from aging and prevents the appearance of extra pounds.

4. Due to the fact that pumpkin contains a rare vitamin T, it is considered the best garnish for dishes, dishes of pork and beef because of vitamin T helps in the absorption of heavy food, thereby preventing obesity.

5. In pumpkin a lot of pectin and natural antioxidants that remove toxins and reduce cholesterol

6. Regular consumption of pumpkin helps to strengthen the immune system.

7. Pumpkin is an excellent antidepressant, improves mood.

Soup-puree of pumpkin with cream

Offer you a recipe easy vegetable soup cream.


  • Pumpkin (300 g)
  • olive oil
  • Water (not full glass)
  • Cream (half Cup)
  • Salt, pepper
  • White bread

Peeled and cleaned pumpkin cut into cubes and allowances in a pan with oil. Add water and simmer under a lid for about fifteen minutes. After you puree them in a blender or with a mixer. Put in a pan and add the warmed cream. Put the saucepan on the fire, allow the soup to boil and tormented on low heat for five minutes. Salt. Served with greens and pumpkin seeds.



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