3 Golden rules of weight loss

Women are constantly between two fires: they need to cook (and preferably varied and many) and the need to follow a diet. The constant cognitive dissonance! That's why we dream to lose weight once and for all. The doctors say it's possible...

The first Golden rule of losing weight: "Select the most effective diet!"

Scientists from the Research Institute of Toronto claim that low-carb diet allows the fastest way to get rid of extra pounds.
The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of data from clinical trials, which involved more than 7,000 people. Participants were asked to choose one of the 11 popular diets and stick to it for six months.Every diet has helped volunteers to lose weight.
However, it is a low-carb diet led to the most weight loss in 6 months people kept it, lost about 8.5 pounds (the main indicator of weight loss on other diet — 5-6 kg).

The second Golden rule of weight loss: "If you choose a diet... follow it!"
Most scientists agree that no matter what diets or fasting days that you are the most important thing is to strictly abide by them. Yes, this is the most difficult, but only in this case you can achieve the desired result. Pointless a couple of days to sit on the Dukan diet, a couple of days on cucumber, etc. You can lose weight, but it will be temporary and not good for your appearance and mood (hate to give up what you believe, you will agree!).

The third Golden rule of weight loss: "Combine the diet with physical activity!"
A structured diet and physical activity complement each other in achieving your goals to lose weight and help to tone up the body in General and skin in particular (a thin faced a problem of loss of elasticity and aesthetic appearance of the skin in severe weight loss). Moreover, when you follow a diet, you experience stress, negative emotions may decrease the motivation, and thanks to the parallel sport, you these negative consequences of the process of losing weight successfully escape.

Source: www.gastronom.ru


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