Scientists are developing a Superfoods for health

Researchers at Warwick University's testing a new generation of Superfoods aimed at addressing heart disease and diabetes, which will help to keep the cells of our body healthy.

Scientists of the medical school of the University found that the protein Nrf2 is constantly in motion in the cell nucleus and from him that allows a person to feel health. When he is threatened, the vibrations are accelerated and activated the defense mechanism, including raising the level of antioxidants.

Scientists have successfully increased the speed of Nrf2's movement by the artificial introduction of beneficial substances — potential components of new Superfoods. It is derived from broccoli: sulforaphane and quercetin. The researchers used this knowledge to develop new food additives, which are currently undergoing testing and is able to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

The research team identified a continuous cycle of movement of Nrf2 in the nucleus and from the nucleus of the cell which occurs every 129 minutes. When the nutrients of plant origin substances stimulate the cycle of Nrf2, he accelerated to 80 minutes.

Professor Paul Thornalley: "how this protein works very similar to sensors in electronic devices that are constantly monitoring and reassessing the surroundings to provide an appropriate response. By understanding how this process works and increasing Nrf2 speed, it is possible to develop new strategies for design of healthier foods and improved drugs."



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