The inability to listen to the signals your body is the cause of many diseases

The inability to listen to the signals their body is accelerated aging is the main cause of many diseases.

When your body expresses healthy need, and the mind refuses to listen, the balance is disturbed and the basis for larsdalen mind – body.

Here are a few well-known examples of violations of the link between mind and body:

Your body is tired and needs sleep; your mind does not take into account your need – you want to watch late night movie.

You finish eating and your body is full; the mind insists on returning to the fridge or the cupboard for another serving of dessert.

Your body needs food; your mind is your mind insists on lunch break to devote to the work.

Your body reminds you to empty the bladder; your mind is object to you seat in the middle of the session.

Your body wants to reach; your mind refuses to disturb passengers seated in the same row with you.

Start to listen to your body's signals and respect to those that require that will benefit your health. You know, what signals to you the benefit and what is the consequence of unhealthy habits.

Whenever there is a conflict between physical needs and the needs of mental or emotional, ask yourself a simple question: "will you give me this need to become younger and live longer?" If the answer is positive, satisfy this need. If it's negative, because you understand that this action can harm you, ignore it.

If in connection with the ineradicable habit or inclination, the momentum is so strong that all your solutions are unsuccessful, please follow this step with full awareness and attention to your body. Instead of harshly judge yourself, you become a conscious witness of their choice.

If you regularly meditate and observe the decisions, you will soon discover that the impulses that create conflict between mind and body further apart.

Deepak Chopra

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