Michael Litvak: amortization of writing. How to get back husband /wife

Fifty five million twenty eight thousand eighty six

Right here is an example.

She's 55 years old, he's 60. Went to my doctor – a woman of 42 years. All kinds of entreaties on the part of children and spouses have produced the opposite effect – prompting his break with the family. She wrote (or rather I) two letters. One husband, the second opponent. Will lead them with my comments:


You're right to not want to live with me. I no longer so the fish is not so friendly as they were before. I was no longer young, not too look good, I have very slim figure, I was not very good to farm and can not be as well first to take care of you, and most importantly, I was not good at intimate relationships and tried to fix you. (She looked pretty good, shape was good, and the economy led great. Only the last two points about sexual relations and notations are partly true. And should be done. First the good news with the sign "minus".

The calculation is that in accordance with the principle of sperm when a man presents himself poorly, the partner begins to think well of him.

"Bunny rabbit" and "honey" are the words he told her when they were in a good relationship. Here you want everyone to put the words that he spoke in those moments when it felt good. – M. L.)

I write this to you not for you to come back, and in order to thank you for the happiness you gave me, and apologize that you are unable to respond in kind. Now I understand how hard it is for you from me: do not love so well to me.

They say that time heals, although I find that hard to believe (the key word Here is YET. The author of the letter says that while the gate is open, but not always. – M. L.) But you don't worry about me, I will try over time to calm down and live a happy life, of course, if possible.

I write to you and order you to help me to wean from you. Let's not meet. If you have something in the house is necessary, tell the children, they warned me, and I leave the house. (The ban to see can lead to the desire to see. – M. L.)

And one more request: tell me what qualities do I need to purchase and which to remove in order to please a man like you. I understand that someone like you will never find, but if you get someone a little bit will remind you, I will not miss my chance.

I wish you happiness. Mary."

Read again this letter. Imagine that it written to you. You can feel that it breathes love for you. There is no violence, no reproach. It is one thing to write and another thing to be able to behave in accordance with the written. Here there are inconsistencies. But this letter always makes to think hard over it.

But the rival.


I, of course, saddened by the fact that my husband went to you, but I love him very much and regret that I could not give him happiness. What I heard about you, allows me to be sure that you give him this happiness will. I don't want your Union was broken, and I want to tell you about his habits.

First of all, he likes to eat everything fresh. Heated he won't eat. Shirt he changes twice a day. The day he goes to one, and in the evening before a meeting, comes to change it for fresh. (The following is a description of those dishes that is used to and loves her husband, and a listing of all the habits and whims. He was quite fussy. – M. L.)

Sure you will be all right. I wish you happiness. Mary."

The response to these letters was as follows. Antonina showed him a letter from his wife and said, "Look what your fool have written here! You know I just won't do!"

Scandal. He gathered his things and returned to his wife. How to further behave, she didn't know. Her first words were: "Well, good! Come to your senses! And then come up with old age koalitsa!" He's not examining things, then left again.

Women! Want to know how to meet her husband, and traveling, and unlucky when he returns home? Remember the tale by H.-C. Andersen "the husband may do, and it is good". The woman, apparently, learned well the principle of the sperm.

And now I will tell you a story. I heard it as a kid. And since you'll remember her and think: she became even better. After all, the tales that people: many of them, the older the better, and that's very reassuring...

Lived an old peasant man and his wife. No matter how poorly they lived, something they had and extra. So, they could do without his horse, because the work for her was not she the whole day grazing in a roadside ditch.

The owner drove it to town, sometimes for a few days took the neighbors, paying for this fine service, and still it would be better to sell it or to change into something more fit.

But what to exchange it?

– Well, father, in the sale you know more than I, once said a wife to her husband, and now just fair in the city. Hook up our horse Yes sell it or Senai on something worthwhile! You're always doing the right thing. Now, off you go!

And then she tied the handkerchief to her husband's neck, she was doing better than he is, but not like something, and a double knot tied; turned out very nice. Then she hand brushed the dust from her husband's hat and kissed the old man right in the warm lips. And he sat down on the very horse that had to sell or barter, and left.

But in the sale he knew a lot about! (Omit details of the transactions. Some bare facts. He moved from the horse to the cow, then the cow for a sheep, a sheep, a goose, the goose for a hen. And was offered a deal he is. So he wanted to. Also note and learn how to say goodbye to their husbands. Then again, literally. – M. L.)

Affairs along the way he altered much, very tired – it was hot, and now he wanted nothing as a drink and a bite to eat than necessary. Nearby just turned out to be zucchini. The old man was wrapped in there, but the door was faced with an employee who was carrying on the back of a tightly Packed bag.

–What are talking about? – asked the farmer.

–Rotten apples – he replied, – here are gathered the bag for pigs.

–Oh! a lot of what! I wish my old lady to admire! Last year we took our tree near the barn, just one Apple; wanted to preserve, put on the chest, and it rotted. But my mother still talked about him: "What to eat, and prosperity!" I wish her now to see what happens in prosperity. I would love to have shown!

–What will you give for a bag?

–What ladies? Yes, that's a chicken!

The farmer gave the chicken to the employee, picked apples and went to the tavern, went straight to the counter. A sack of apples he leaned against the stove, not noticing that it burns. The tavern was crowded – profiteer, the cattle traders; there sat two Englishmen, so rich that all the pockets they were stuffed with gold They began to bet, and you're about to hear it.

But it's suddenly cracked near the stove?

Yes, it's apples baked! What kind of apples? And then all know the story about the horse that the old man first exchanged for a cow and for which in the end only got rotten apples.

–Well, you will get house wife! said the Englishman. – Yes, she's with you head.

I will not, and will embrace, ' returned the peasant. My old lady always says: "the husband may do, and it is good!"

–Let's bet, – said the Englishman. – Put the barrel of gold.

–Enough measurements, ' said the farmer. – I can only put a bushel of apples so myself with the old woman in the bargain. And this is more than enough.

–I agree! – cried the British.

Submitted the wagon of the innkeeper: it is all – British, old and rotten apples. The wagon drove off and finally pulled up to the house of a peasant.

–Good health, mother!

–And also with you, father!

–Well, the horse I succeeded.

–At this point you have me Doc, ' said the old woman and ran to hug her husband, not noticing neither the sack of apples or strangers, (Women! Learn how to meet her husband, even if he got tied up somewhere. It's true for men too. – M. L.)

The horse I traded for the cow.

–Thank God, ' said the wife. – We now have on the table gets milk, butter, and cheese. Here traded profitably!

–So-so, but the cow I traded for a sheep.

–And well made – approved woman, always something you know how to do. For sheep we have provender enough. And we'll drink milk sheep Yes sheep cheese feast; in its coat, bind stockings and sweatshirts! With cow fur will not collect in the last moult she will rock. You are so clever!

–So Yes the sheep I paid for the goose.

Oh, father, surely we really would be goose for St. Martin's day? You're always trying to please me! That's a good idea. Goose, even though his feed, though do not feed, still too fat for the holiday.

–Yes, Yes, goose, I followed the chicken, ' said the old man.

–A chicken? That's luck for you! – exclaimed the old woman. – Chicken, we applied eggs, Chicks will you see, we have a full chicken coop. I have long wanted to have chicken.

–So-so, but the chicken I paid for the bag of rotten apples.

–Let me give you a kiss! – exclaimed the old woman. – Well, thank you, so thank you! And now I'll tell you: when you left, so I decided to cook you a delicious lunch – scrambled eggs with onions. The eggs I have, and Luke is not. I then went to teacher: I know that the bow they have, but his wife buying-prekopa, though, and pretends to be kind, so I asked her to borrow an onion. "Onions? – asks she. Yes we have a garden and nothing is growing. I'm a rotten Apple can not give". But now I can give her a dozen rotten apples. Yes, a dozen! Though the whole bag borrow. Well, we laugh over a teacher! And the wife kissed her husband right on the lips.

–That's great! – cried the British. – How her tight, she's all happy. For such money is not sorry.

Then they paid the farmer: because his wife is with him, the head has been removed, but rather embraced him tightly. A whole bunch of gold he was given!

Yes, if in the opinion of the wife, her husband is smarter than everyone and that he may do, and it is good – it's always in her favor.

Here's the whole tale. I heard it as a kid. Now you hear it, too and learned that my husband may do, and it is good.

But back to our problem. To return the husband (wife), writing a letter to mother in law (mother-in-law). Here is a sample text of letter to mother-in-law.

"Dear mommy! (Or by name and patronymic. It all depends on the specific situation.)

Unfortunately, my husband and your son left me. Did the right thing. I am grateful to him for the years of happiness he gave me, but I didn't appreciate. I'm also grateful to you for your valuable comments, to which I, unfortunately, do not always listen.

I lost it irretrievably. Now, after what I've done, it will not return. But I wouldn't want to lose you and would not want our children and your grandchildren have lost their grandmother. Not will you allow me sometimes to visit you, to talk with you and to use your advice? If I fail in this, I have to claim you will not be any. I deserve rejection, but hope for acceptance. Eugene".

To return the husband (wife) with the help of children.

Unfortunately, in conflict, parents used the child as an instrument of pressure on the spouse, and the child becomes like a referee in their disputes. The role of the judge at all heavy. It is very difficult to be impartial.

Because sometimes the one whom you should condemn, you are cute as a man, and whoever you're required by law to justify, is disgusted. And yet the judge must always act in accordance with the law. So I never envy the judge and do not advise anyone to be a judge, even in domestic disputes. Always acquire enemy.

A child can choose, who is better – mom or dad, is almost impossible. Even dogs in similar situations are not kept (experiments of I. P. Pavlov). The dog was trained to distinguish a circle from an ellipse. Then the ellipse was approximated in the form of a circle, and the dog came of a neurotic breakdown, which is then treated with a mixture of bromine with caffeine.

Child needs a mom and needs a dad. Anyone who wants to bring the baby on its side, should remember that condemning his partner, he, according to the principle of the spermatozoon, brings up the child sympathy for him.

And now an example.

He was a great athlete and most of the time spent traveling to competitions and training camps. When he retired from the sport, between him and his wife began a quarrel, and the wife raised the question about divorce. They had a daughter 14 years. And the couple in front of her were spraying each other with dirt (thus justifying his decision to divorce, the husband accused her that she wants to break up the family and leave the child without one of the parents).

The girl was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, so she wanted mom and dad were together. He wanted to save the marriage and came to me for advice. Depreciation we wrote a letter to his wife and daughter.

Here is the letter.

"Olga! I'm sorry that I talked bad about your mom. She's a lovely person. Very sorry that I could not behave so she stayed with me. I'm glad that you, despite all my talk, continue to be treated well and to my mother, and me, though, as I now understand, I don't deserve it.

You better to close their business and go out of our conflict. I see you're going through. You're an adult. In the case of divorce, you have to decide with whom to live. Maybe you need to stay with mom. She's a decent woman, but I failed to do so to meet its requirements. And most importantly, you should learn from all of this experience, so that when the time comes to marry, you would not have chosen himself such an unworthy person like me. Your dad".

The daughter soon became resolutely on the side of the father. Then psychological preparation took my wife and daughter. The marriage was saved. Think you without my clarification see the inexorable and clear principle of the sperm.

Author: M. E. LITVAK

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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