Water as the basis of life

Why to use large amounts of water is a good habit? Why all of the parties to motivate us to drink more water? What is so magical in the water that became our routine, and we no longer see its features?

You should start at least with the fact that water is the source of all life on our planet. Scientists boldly called water our most valuable resource. It is the basis for all living organisms. Constantly in motion, water is able to self-clean. Even in ancient times water was attributed to magical and miraculous properties, it was compared with purity and power. If for a moment to plunge into history, you'll remember – at all times settlements were formed only close to water bodies.

In one old Soviet Comedy the hero sings a song in which the final lines are as follows: "Ruining people not beer, water destroys people". The song, of course, was funny, but Oh, how totally wrong the author of these lines. All living things to a greater or lesser extent consists of water. For example, the vegetation on 90% of animals contain 75% and the man is 80% water.

Of course, these figures are rather vague and not precise, because, as said albert Einstein – everything is relative. Therefore, if we consider specifically human, when he is in the embryo stage, the body contains 95% of water reaching middle age, the water content is reduced to 65-70%. And so throughout life – the older a person gets, the smaller the percentage of water is in his body. Moreover, this figure will decrease in proportion to weight: the more, the less water.

You might want to ask the question: if we are almost entirely composed of water, why are we solid and not like the strange gruel? Where does the water in the body? And that's where. Water, so to speak, the main building material in the formation of the whole organism. For example, blood is 83% water, bones need 15-20% (remember from my childhood – the sand castle is not built of dry sand, you need to moisten it), but for the brain, the formation of muscles and especially the heart require 76% of the fluid. That is, even with those figures you know perfectly well that the body no water anywhere.

But this is only for shaping. Well, until the body is formed, about 20 years, will constantly drink water to building within us took place according to plan. You can then "score" on the water? The answer is simply "no"! In addition to the functions of construction material, it is a mandatory element, which occur in all chemical reactions, especially the digestion and assimilation of food, though, because that turns them into the solution.

If you move down the body in search of water, here it is again – dietary elements that water carries throughout the body, promotes cell regeneration; it flushes out the body's waste substances and toxins. And yet, oddly enough, by the water of jealousy temperature balance in the body.

Still don't want to drink water regularly? Here are some examples. What will happen if you lose a small percentage of water in the body:

— 6-8% — thirst, increase body temperature, red skin, increase in heartbeat and breathing, in the muscles will appear weakness, dizziness, headache begins;

— 10% — deterioration of vision and hearing, cramps, leads to irreversible changes in the body, this may result in dire consequences;

— 15-20% — death occurs, as the blood thickens so much that the heart simply can not cope with its pumping, and to complete the operation, the heart must be pumped per day 10,000 liters of blood.

Without food man can survive for about a month, and without water a person will only live for a few days.

By the way, very often with some problems, we go to the doctor, thinking that we have a serious disease, we'll prescribe the pills and everything goes. But actually it turns out that our sickness is only a consequence of water shortage. For example, some disorders of the nervous system, obesity, and frequent headaches. I especially want to draw the attention of the girls, splitting nails, dry skin and hair, bad breath is also a result of the neglect of drinking water.

There is a widespread belief that a day should drink 1.5 liters of water – so drinking water and not juice, mineral water, juice, tea, or soup. Figure, in General, correct. But I want to note that this figure changes depending on what the climate and temperature of the environment you are in. When the air temperature is 1-4°C, the body needs 1.5 liters of water, at 15-21°C, 1.6 liters of water, and 32°C it is necessary to drink 3 liters of water a day. Remember that at night a person loses approximately 2600 ml of water: 1500 ml comes out with urine, 600 ml lost through the skin, 400 ml through the lungs, and 100 ml in the feces.

We detail the facts, understand why it is so vital for the human body is water. But how to fill the balance? Many now thought impossible to drink every day is the number. A little bonus of about 3% is formed directly in the organism, through chemical transformations. Another 30-40% is compensated thanks to the food, and that despite what foods we eat. What to do with the missing percent? One conclusion is to drink water! And, interestingly, we should not focus on a "call of nature", as thirst. It turns out that thirst is not just the need to drink, and has a full sign of anxiety from the body about the shortage of water.

Water and life are two inseparable between concepts. It is important at the human level and at the level of the entire planet. Where there is water, there is life. Do not neglect your health – drink water.


Author: Alena Bykova

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