To meet the love of my life at the time...

There are some people you can't and will never want to let go.

We are always very hard experience gaps, because we have to cry and dream about the person we loved very much but lost. But time heals, and eventually you will meet someone else. Over time, old love will be for you as something distant and sometimes even forgotten.

But there are other gaps. This gap happens to a person you can't get it out of my head, whatever you do. Not a day goes by that you not thought about your favorite heart never ached with sorrow. This often happens because you think the relationship isn't over. You can't accept and believe it, because this idea is driving you crazy.

Instead, you tell yourself that all is well, and you can move on. But you are deceiving yourself. This occurs until then, until you hear a song, see a photo, want to share something with your loved ones or Wake up thinking about her or him. And everything is back to normal.

Many people appear in our lives and also quickly go away from it. Some you meet once and never see, some you really like, but nothing works with this man. Some trample on your feelings, and you then needed a month to forget all the pain.

But the feeling is different. That's the feeling you get when you know that the relationship needs to end right now, and this relationship is not forever. You can't just say, "I wish you all the best" and move on. You can't finish the Chapter because I know that can't end the relationship. Not now...... and maybe never. And then you dive in "love purgatory". This is the place where you know who the love of your life, but at the moment you are still not together. Maybe you briefly met, maybe you had meaningful relationships or you were never officially together. The relationship with this person is so real, strong and attractive that you are constantly pulling back. The relationship had not reached its climax, therefore, can not be completed.

In fact, it may be the person with whom you broke up. But you're not together with him because of lack of time, and many cases, continually miss the opportunity and so on. So, you sit in love purgatory and waiting for the time when you can each other to find. You don't just sit there, listening to sad music and waiting. You get distracted by something and pushing back the feelings and thoughts, in order to be a sane person to live a normal life.

You meet other lovely, beautiful people that want to get something, but it never happens because something goes wrong. He just didn't like _________ (fill in the blank name).

"She's not like Rachel" is a famous phrase from the TV series "Friends". And this is the man that keeps you in the loving purgatory, which makes you feel. These feelings can not be compared with anything.

This communication happens only once in a lifetime or two. Your friends think you're crazy, and you feel that way. Why, when there are millions of people, you chose one. You can't answer this question.

The heart has its reason of which our reason knows nothing. ©Blaise Pascal

Some people meet someone, meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. But many others are not so lucky. Some of us are forced to fight to survive the breakup and go through all the circles of hell that something happened to a person. Maybe again the problem with time. Maybe you first need to learn and become more Mature before you'll be able to calm down.

Whatever the problem, you know that eventually, you will find each other again. You just like Ross and Rachel, Carrie and big, Allie and Noah, and all the other love stories that we know there's one person you can't and will never want to let go.

But before you find out, pity you will be sitting in the loving purgatory, hoping that they will be able to find someone or something than you will be able to occupy their thoughts, so as not to destroy itself. Some people may be outraged by this and think: "Love is supposed to look different" or "If you were Mature in love, it would not be all that difficult". But I ask you not to agree with such statements and contradict them, saying, "Yes, how do you know?". If you're easy, not necessarily what others will be exactly the same. People are very complicated, and love is not always a pleasant thing.

If you had everything else, this does not mean that it is not correct. This means that your way was easier. All those who are now in love purgatory will be too with his man. published

©Lauren Skirvin

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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