12 unusual means to strengthen the immune system

1. Starvation 

Periodic failure of the food a few days a year shown to strengthen the immune system healthy middle-aged people, the elderly, and even patients undergoing chemotherapy. Researchers from the University of southern California found that starving the immune system reduces the number of healthy white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting infection. However, with the supply of nutrients the number of "defenders" becomes more than the former.


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2. Music

In addition to the beneficial effects on the immune system music also reduces pain and relieves stress. The music lovers produces a large number of killer cells that destroy alien enemies — pathogenic bacteria, viruses and even cancer cells.

3. Sex

Two weeks active sex life 30 % increased production of immunoglobulin protein, resist viruses and bacteria. But even if you just lie with your loved one on the couch, cuddling and laughing, the number of protective T-cell immunity is still growing.

4. Astragalus

Is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to support the immune system. It is available as a nutritional Supplement, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties researchers at the University of Maryland.

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5. Walk in the woods

A Japanese study found after people gazed at forest scenery for 20 minutes, the level of the stress hormone cortisol were lower by 13.4% compared with those who were in urban environments."Mesoterapia" stimulates the immune system, reducing cortisol levels, which is known to weaken the protective power of man.

6. Coconut oil 

Coconut oil contains mainly, average fatty acid (MCFA), which contribute to the improvement of metabolism and strengthen the immune system.

7. Bathhouse

Australian researchers have discovered that people, visiting the baths twice a week twice less likely to suffer from colds compared to the rest.

8. green tea

The antioxidants included in green tea fight free radicals that weaken the immune system. They also reduce blood pressure and support heart function.


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9. Kisses

A study at new York University showed that when kiss people exchange microorganisms. And this is a very well-coached immune system, especially in women during pregnancy and childbirth.

10. The wine and blueberries

The compound resveratrol contained in wine , blueberries and red grapes, in combination with an antifungal substance pterostilbene, which is also found in grapes and blueberries, has many useful properties. This medicinal cocktail in combination with vitamin b creates in the immune system strong line of defense. These are the results of studies of the University of Oregon.

11. Society

The people around you, help to heal, showed a study published by the American psychological Association. Doctors have found a link between chronic disease and loneliness, suggesting that social isolation may increase stress and slow down the immune response. People were 50% more likely to survive after a serious illness, if you have a strong family and friendly ties.


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12. Sour milk

The amount of probiotics in yogurt and sour milk in five times higher than in yogurt. Probiotics also contain iodine, which helps the thyroid gland to regulate the immune system. A study of the American medical Association have shown that yogurt, meanwhile, reduces bad cholesterol by 47 %. published 


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