Women drinking this juice for 2 months. Result - the incredible weight loss!

Scientists from the National Taiwan University, conducted an experiment in which the women within two months of daily allowed to drink a glass of tomato juice
Participants in the experiment did not change their eating habits. They also resorted to sporting loads. Women lead a normal life and still lose weight on the eyes!

The fact that the tomato juice contains enzymes and amino acids which actively help to break down fats, and vitamin B accelerates metabolism. The juice is also an excellent diuretic, it displays the excess fluid and salt from the body, and it also contributes to the weight loss !

< «Website» takes care of your health, therefore divided the recipe cooking wonderful tomato juice for weight loss.

Tomato juice for pohudeniyaIngredienty
6 kg of tomatoes 4 tbsp. l. sugar 2 tbsp. l. salt

Thoroughly wash the tomatoes. clear them from the stalks and cut into 2 parts. Skip tomatoes through a meat grinder or electric juicer. The resulting mass is brought to a boil, then cool and strain through a sieve to remove skin and seeds. to boil the resulting mass for another 10 minutes. Add sugar and salt. In the sterilized jars carefully pour tomato juice and carefully tighten the cap. After the final cooling of the juice put the banks in a cool place. < br>
Tomato juice is a must for people who suffer from seizures. In using this juice, you're the new deposit of magnesium reserves in the body and forget about the problem of beriberi forever.

The juice of tomatoes is also very beneficial for the skin, the daily consumption of juice will provide you a radiant complexion. Turn to the restoration of his health and share a great recipe for weight loss with your friends!


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