How to completely change your life for 12 months

We all want to change something in my life, but, as always, we find 150 reasons why we can not do it.

Especially for you Website produced 12 jobs that you have to perform every month. The count went!

January - learning how to set goals properly h3>

Every year we make plans, we promise to change your life for the better, but there will always be reasons why we can not achieve these goals. Our main problem - we have the wrong plan.

Teacher and blogger Manya Borzenko found a way by which you can achieve all that he wanted to. Let's get started.

We determine that our life is important. It is determined that this important work by itself. We support the working mode neotmiraniya. Determine how to start to sag. Forward! At first glance, everything seems easy and simple, the main thing - to comply with all these rules.

February - get rid of bad habits h3>

Many habits prevent us to live happily. Get rid of them, of course, difficult, but possible. And here are some tips:

The habit of devoting day and night work.
Do not hammer your day with endless chores. Always find time to relax, reflect and recharge. And do not be fooled - you will not be so busy, so as not afford to relax a couple of minutes. The habit of remembering the past.
You are not the same as they were a year, a month or even a week ago. You are always growing and changing. That is life. Like every habit.
We do not have to love everyone you meet, and everything does not have to love us. We need to work on yourself every day. At first it will be difficult to wean from all habits, but over time you will only get better.

March - doing sports h3>

The beginning of spring - the best time to take care of your body. Ahead of the summer, and then you need to drop those extra kilos. To get started, try to do the exercise "plank." It is the most effective way to strengthen the abdomen and waist plechnogo.

Get on your hands and knees. Straighten your legs and place your feet on the floor socks. Tighten your abdominal muscles and tear off one by one leg from the floor, a few centimeters picking them up. Exercises are performed for a minute. Keep your back straight, not caving in at the waist. 10 minutes a day - and your body for a month can change beyond recognition. This is just one of the exercises that you need to perform every day

April - learn something new h3>

Now, thanks to the Internet, we can gain knowledge for free and without leaving home. You can learn programming, guitar or piano, to become a champion in chess. All in your hands. One has only to want to, and there is always time.

May - become masters of communication h3>

We often had difficulty in communicating with parents, guidance or friends. It's time to fix it!

How to talk with the leadership of
To properly teach the information, which we plan to report and choose the right time to talk with your boss, you need to put yourself in his place. It is better to ask the manager how it will be convenient to discuss the request: in person or by e-mail. As for E-mail, you should not copy the phrases of the interlocutor: a passive-aggressive way of communicating.

How to talk with your partner
It is worth paying attention to what we say. If the date on everything that is broadcasting the source, impregnated negative, it is an occasion to think: if he was afraid relations, which joined with us?

June - we throw out all unnecessary h3>

It is summer and it's time to throw out all the rubbish that we have overlooked. Our house - a continuation of ourselves, our reflection. If you want to change - first of all loans to their housing. When the house is clean and tidy, and the mind comes into order, and things are improving.

July - go on a journey h3>

It's time to change the situation and go to conquer the mountain heights or sandy beaches. It is not necessary to save money on vacation. The most valuable thing in our lives - it is the emotions and impressions. In another country, you will meet new people, new cultures, customs, and discover something new. Is not it wonderful?

August - sharing good h3>

When we help another person, we become a little happier. Take your time and help your friend with the move, move grandmother across the street, feed the homeless puppy. Suppose that in August will be a month of your kindness. You will notice, as will be happier because of such actions.

September - to meet the inspiration h3>

Autumn came, and it's time to be creative. Paint, play the piano, write poems, sew dresses, take pictures. Through doing this, you can improve concentration, remove stress and improve performance.

October - teaching languages ​​ h3>

If you already know English, then you can safely take on Spanish or any other that you like. Here are some tips you may find useful:

Speak with native speakers on Skype. Invent Association. Learn to speak like a native speaker.

November - prepare new dishes h3>

In the light of so many delicious dishes that are sure to try. Make it a rule every week to prepare the different soups, cakes and other dishes. You will not notice how quickly become cool cook, and your family will fill you with the words of gratitude.

December - summarize h3>

If you follow our advice, then for the year you had to be funky chef with a tightened figure and spiritual harmony. This is a good result. And now it's time to take stock of this year, and tune in to the least productive in 2017. Good luck!

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