Healthy children—the child's development in 7 months

For 7 months in a person's life can happen very much, and in the life of the child and even more so: during this time, he passes on the way that not every adult can go through in a lifetime. Still, six months ago it was a completely helpless baby, and today – almost an "adult" man, almost conversationalist, and most importantly – a true Explorer of the world. And this should be ready. Physiology and health of the baby

This month the baby should gain about 600g. and grow even 2 cm thus, the growth of the baby in 7 months should be about 68 to 71 cm and a weight of from 7600 to 8100 g. However, if it grows or gains weight more slowly, do not worry: children are different. But the main event in the life of a child of seven months is the appearance of the first tooth. The first is usually out front lower incisors, the upper, the following are lateral incisors (first top, then bottom), and then comes the turn of Klychkov. Latest the indigenous teeth. Naturally, all this gives little discomfort: gums itch, the child is naughty. So, at this time should take care of the objects for chewing. Ideal – tooth ring with water inside. Cool it and give to the child, and the pain will be removed and will switch the child's attention with irritated gums.

Don't be alarmed if the teeth have got a little earlier or later – again, each has its own characteristics. And most importantly, to get out they are in the correct order. And you should pay attention to the fact that on your first, second, third, etc child tooth would be to try everything that comes his way. So, hide your medications, household chemicals and other potentially dangerous things away.


First the teeth give the ability to change the diet of the child. Of course, if you haven't gone the milk – feed on health. But new dishes into the diet type. The most significant innovation should be meat, because this age baby's digestive tract, this product will not accept. It is best to start with a teaspoon of low-fat veal or Turkey: cook the meat, turn it several times in a meat grinder and mix with the broth (even vegetable). If the baby did not like it – wait a few days and try to give another variety of this product. If the new product is relished – every day increase the amount to half a teaspoon: up to 4-5 tablespoons per day. Also in the diet it is time to introduce cereal porridge, and you should start with rice and buckwheat, initially cooking them in water and then diluting with milk. Later, you can introduce oatmeal and cream of wheat. First suitable breast, then any other. Just watch the reaction of the child suddenly cow or goat milk will cause Allergy.

In seven months you can enter into the diet of cheese, yogurt, crackers, biscuits and bread. Offer the child a crust of bread – let pompolic and scratch his gums. Day seven-month-old baby is eating about 1000g of food and feed it is necessary 5 times a day at intervals of 4 hours, that is, in 200g. of food at a time. In the evening optionally you can give cottage cheese with milk or fruit puree. You can also try to feed him sitting – many at this age are already sitting. The main thing – do not feed him by force – this is from an early age develops the habit of overeating and, therefore, is fraught with problems of weight in the future. Sleep and day mode

Starting from 6 months babies sleep 14-15 hours a day, and the long sleep can last about 7 hours. If the baby sleeps longer, it's possible that he wakes up briefly and then goes back to sleep on their own. This suggests that the higher nervous activity of the child develops correctly. The child should sleep a couple of times a day: one and a half to two hours. In the dream seven-month-old child can open up, so wear it before bed warm and maintain normal room temperature is 21-22 degrees. Skills sleep are regulated only by the constant mode of the day. As the mode of the day need to develop skills in the discipline. At this age, routine is a little different from the order a month ago and depends on when the baby is sleeping and eating.

Be sure to walk with your child during the day. Walk performed twice a day, and at least two hours each. Usually the baby sleeps this time, but it could be interesting to look at the world around us.

Don't forget about washing in the morning and baths in the evening: at this age a baby already possible to bathe daily or every other day, and, in the adult bathroom. Don't leave it in it and pour enough water so that he could easily play in the tub with favorite toys, and sitting. The child in 7 months and continues to develop physically, so deal with it regularly gymnastics and do massage. What can a baby?

At this age the child already has a lot. For example, to understand the meaning of many words, to stand firmly and cross at the poles, to put small objects into larger ones, to drink from cups and eat from a spoon, roll over from back to tummy and back, to memorize the procedure for neatness and even "remind" Mama, play "Patty cake"...But to sit and crawl he is still learning. At this age the child is very attached to his mother emotionally, and feels fear when breaking up with her. How to check whether a child's development?

1. Will Pogrebite side rattle and see if he will turn from back to side, whether in the turn to get it.

2. Sitting at the table, the crumbs keep on the knees. If he grabs for the edge of the table, does it? Pop whether the pens on the table pokazatelno? Shifts objects on it, throws them on the floor?

3. Stand at the crib and not showing the baby attention, avoid meeting eyes with him. If he tries to make contact, babbling, catching my mother's gaze?

4. Before you contact an adult, the child examines it closely, then fear turns into interest.

5. Keep the baby in her arms and flipped around a glowing bright object or toy. Does he follow her gaze turns for a bright object?

6. Put him on his tummy and cover your head with a diaper. If he is released from her hands?

7. He already knows how to show a nose or eyes of another person, and babbles with a simple sound combinations like "Dai Dai"

8. Confidently reaches out to the subject and enjoys receiving it.

What it can teach?

The baby comes into the age of great exploration and discovery, so before you teach him anything, carefully inspect the apartment for hazardous items, household chemicals, small and sharp objects, sources of electric current, bulky and heavy items. Besides, at 7 months the baby is already understands the meaning of the words "impossible" and "possible" but the word "no" can be consumed three times a day. In addition, the constant comments will make him nervous, and if he continued to ban somewhere to climb, he'll climb in the absence of parents. Now the task of mom is to help him get comfortable in the world.

At this age the most important thing to tell a child about everything: what they do than feed him, what to wear, what toys to give him to play, listing all the characteristics of food or toys (warm, soft, round, firm.) Stimulate your baby's motor activity, and put interesting items toys away and toys should be different in shape and texture: he knows the world.

What games to play with a miracle child? Educational! Suitable sign fun with jokes and rhymes, but not to worry, if he doesn't just repeat your gestures: fine motor skills handles have not yet developed and he will learn this only a year. It is possible to play Patty-cake and educational music game, to collect a pyramid, act out scenes with toys (e.g. feed them or put to sleep). By the way, toys have to offer the kid in the box, so he went to get them. Some suggest to buy for a child seven months of riding. You can, of course, but it is important not to lock him in the playpen all day. How will he explore the world, standing or sitting in the four walls. If the child is 7 months and throws the toys out of the crib or playpen – he is developing properly, not bullies. In seven months, parents can explain what is good and what is bad: he is already able to understand it.

The development of speech

And this is long overdue: he's already distinguishes his name, realizes that his call...If he's busy and you'll call him, baby will come off and turn around to see who called him. So when playing with the baby as often as possible, call him by his name and for themselves and family members to point and say their names (mom, dad, grandma, brother, nick...). Training in speech starts with rhythmic rhymes-nursery rhymes. At the same time making the emphasis on those syllables that the baby be best. Also you can notice that from the speech of the child is missing some sounds, but he for a long time and take great pleasure in repeating certain sound combinations. And another baby in 7 months, not without pleasure listening to adult conversations and quietly behaves when mom and dad about something talk side by side and sometimes turn to him.

And even at this age, children copy the actions of not only mom, but all her emotions. So, rejoice and grieve with him, if something did not work, but after the failure with toys or anything, just show him "how to properly" – because the child learns by imitating.

At seven months the baby may receive the first book: big, bright pictures, maybe even volume. Yeah, teach your baby to read must have from that age. Read together, look at pictures, let the child touch the book, and don't be surprised if he tries in the first or second tooth: the process of understanding the world everyone is different.



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