That's what happens if you do the bar every day

Planck - this exercise at all times. It is independent from any fashion trends. It is considered the most effective exercise to date. And it is quite reasonable. Because the bracket requires a minimum investment of time and money and at the same time in a short time can achieve visible results.

And yet, what happens when you start doing the bar every day?

1. strengthen the muscles koraPlanka - the perfect exercise for the abdominal muscles, precisely because it involves all the major muscle groups: cross, straight and obliques, and in addition also the buttocks.
Soon, in certain areas you will definitely notice the result.
The transverse abdominal muscles: it will be possible to lift more weight.
Rectus abdominis muscle: increased productivity, particularly in the jumps. In addition, this muscle is also responsible for the very 6 dice.
Obliques: twisting waist will now be given easier.
Buttocks: strengthening the muscles of the back and buttock muscles tightened.

2. Reduce the risk of injury to the back and pozvonochnikaPlanka - an exercise that allows you to build muscle and do not overload your spine and hips. In addition, the bar reduces back pain, strengthens muscles and it provides good support for the spine, particularly in the upper back.

3. povysitsyaPlanka your metabolism - a great way to challenge your entire body. Daily exercise burns more calories than, for example, traditional crunches and sit-ups. Planck is guaranteed to burn a lot of energy, even if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is especially important if almost all the day you spend in front of computer. In addition, this exercise every day for a few minutes at home before or after work not only provides a higher rate of metabolism, but also maintains a high metabolic rate throughout the day (even when you are asleep).

4. Your posture is much uluchshitsyaPlanka helps straighten the back. Due to the strengthening of the muscles bark you can maintain good posture. Because the abdominal muscles have a great impact on the neck, shoulders, chest and back.

5. Improve the feeling ravnovesiyaKak long you can stand upright without falling on one leg? If only a couple of seconds, then it shows that you have weak abdominal muscles. And the daily bar - the best way to "educate" their balance.

6. gibkostObretenie increase flexibility - one of the main reasons why you should do the bar every day. Indeed, during this exercise, extend and stretch all your muscle groups back. It involves the shoulders, scapula, clavicle, feet, toes, stretch your thigh muscles. And when the strap on the side of hard work and even the obliques.

7. improve the overall mental sostoyaniePlanka has a strong impact on the human nerves and improves mood. How? Elementary. During this exercise, the muscles are stretched, congestion which often contribute to stress and tension in your body. When you sit all day at work, your thigh muscles are always tense, swollen legs, arms are heavy because you slouch while sitting at the table. All these circumstances have too much strain on your muscles and nerves. A strap can not only soothe your brain, but to prevent the appearance of symptoms of anxiety and depression. But only on the condition that you will perform it regularly.

It is very important to perform this exercise correctly for maximum effect. This Website wrote in his article "The Best Exercise for All Seasons" and advises her once read, print and store.

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