15 amazing creations made with incredible skill

There are people whose talent and ability to create beauty just do not know borders. And everything that is at hand in these creators, easily becomes material for creativity, whether it be a snag, snow, sand, or even old tires.

We are in the Website can not keep admiration. Just look!

Sand sculpture of "The Last SupperĀ».

Owl carved from dragon fruit.

"Marble veil." The work of the Italian sculptor Raffaello Monti.

Cake based on the cartoon "There was a dogĀ».

Farmer banned build a shed for horses on their own field for some formal reason. But the man kept his head and built a wooden table and chairs, for which permission is not necessary.

The train from the sand.

A schoolteacher from the village Kozhany Krasnoyarsk Territory Sergey Bobkov creates amazing sculptures out of wood shavings.

A masterpiece of snow.

Bear cut from the watermelon.

3D-drawing in the sand.

Carpet of Flowers in Brussels.

Delightful ice sculptures in the exhibition season, Ice Alaska.

Lion of the old tires.

Sculptures made of driftwood.

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