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The last year has clearly observed the trend of creating movies by the most complex of the possible solutions - instead of using improvised CG-software and hardware creators around the world are looking for ways to make nice and on a large scale by means of "handcrafted" .Otkaz of computer technologies date back to the agency Fallon campaigns for Sony Bravia. Famous balls, jumping on the overlap neighborhood of San Francisco, you can call one of the first well-known spots created on a "Sunset manually." Very, very many people who are accustomed to the fact that all such spectacular things are done on computers for a long time could not believe it, and then long wondered what it really is hundreds of thousands of myachikov- "Jumping" and not CG.

In order to understand the nature of this trend, it is not necessary to dig deep. Firstly, we played enough, and secondly, it turns much as soul, and the result is attracting more attention. Those Fallon and Sony Bravia deliberately attracted the attention of the public as an advertising and spectator, the fact that all the videos of the campaign «Colour Like No Other» made "the truth", talking about the process of creating each roller on a specially designated site.

This complex project where not only the most complex shooting commercials, but also gave a detailed account of etoi, not only serves as a logical rationale for such a painstaking approach and show the audience the approach to the production of Sony TV Bravia. Thoughtfully, carefully, with great dedication.

This is one of the reasons why the creators manually roll the sun rather than with less labor, time and cost to do almost the same thing with the help of high technology.

Another reason - to create the necessary strong emotions that will inevitably arise in the viewer when viewing this video. It's like a film and digital photography, like vinyl and CDs. Rollers, made live, and commercials, computer-generated. And, both of excellent quality, but the first option is more real life, and therefore more emotion.

There are plenty of well-deserved and well-known commercials made to these principles, but we recall about them later. First, we offer you an illustration of the fact that this trend really is. Of all the spots that ignore or almost ignoring computer graphics and released in the past six months, Website chose the most interesting and most clearly reflects the importance of "living" commercials.

The brightest of them - «Samsung LED Sheep Art», made as a viral video for LCD TV Samsung. The video, which was released a month ago, scored 7 million views on YouTube. The controversy over the reality or feykovye not cease, Viral Factory, the agency guru of viral marketing, says that everything in this video is for real.

Well-trained sheepdogs, competent shepherds, the most common sheep, radio and many LED-diodes - all to an enlarged play LED-matrix directly on the ground (almost the same, but microsizes happening inside the monitor or TV).

«This is where we live» - a video dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the publishing house 4'th Estate Publishers and removal technology stop-frame-animation.

APT Studio and Asylum Films created an amazing video, which presented the world made entirely of books. Buildings and urban objects, people, cars, animals - all of it or the entire book or a page and cover them.

Under the slogan «This Is Where We Live» «(This is where we live") animators handed attitude to the publishing business, which they devoted the past 25 years. This world made of stories.

Books to create the city took more than 1,000 copies. 20 animators laid out books and dismembered them for nearly three weeks in a London studio, where he not only worked, but also slept in the short breaks.

Lexus attracted to the creation of advertising for Lexus ES world record holder in building card houses Bryan Berg.

The updated model is to Lexus ES sort of apotheosis of all developments to create comfort in the field of vibration. Cars equipped with 88th ranoobraznymi technical innovations that allow vibration dampening to almost zero.

California agency Team One would think that in order to show the absence of vibration, you need to show something very fragile and unstable that withstands engine ES. The well-known metaphor of instability - a house of cards.

Brian Berg, winner of six World Records recorded the height of card houses, designer and architect, for 18 days, built around a new Lexus, and on it the whole city.

30 towers card Brian Berg took 18 days in 2016 decks of cards, ie 108864 cards. The tallest tower - a height of almost 4 meters.

German Agency Heimat, and PSYOP Stink Productions did for Audi Q5 video technology, which can be called "chelovekopikseli."

More than 100 dancers were involved in the shooting in Berlin for the creation of paintings of nature with the Audi Q5 in the title role, the post-production were added several layers to align graphics continuous line povestovovaniya and imperceptible eye "seamless" transition from the dancers to the pekshotu.

"The objective was to show the basis of synchronicity. We are looking for interesting ways to create a real image with hundreds of perfectly coordinated and synchronized people holding special sheets. In addition, we also need to go beyond the limits of design and technology. Roller should turn out epic and impressive, but at the same time plausible.

In accordance with the elements whose use has been stated the brief, we decided to start with a simple three-dimensional images of landscapes and Q5 therein. The evolution of video is that from the flat "chelovekopikselnyh" images, we turn to three-dimensional images, which are also created by people - acrobats, jumping to the sheets in his hands. And the faster turn over the leaf, the more realistic the image looks. Ultimately, we wanted to show people that create the image on the edge of the possible.

We have discovered many ways to create volume. We talked with our choreographer on how we fix the people in the air to create a pyramid of people and synchronous flip. This was important, because in fact everything has to be created by people. The audience had to understand that it is a show created for him on a huge theater stage; that such a result was achieved at the cost of serious effort.

The video promotes the idea of ​​synchronous operation of people over cars, making it impossible in the creation of forms, images, and finally Audi Q5 ».

RPA Santa Monica found another good way to express the essence of the urban car-SUV. In the video «Wall Art» («Murals") for the new Acura RDX present car shows in the city, painted on the wall.

By and large, it is the urban landscape, his schedule and activities, making the roller any noticeable. Big ideas in it, but that makes the execution to give him credit.

Chris Hopewell and Ben Foley in the video for the Acura used stop-frame animation, showing phenomenal audience of street art. British street artist Sainty team of seventeen of their colleagues RPA creatives ideas embodied in the wall measuring 30 by 12 meters. All graphics that we see in the video, these are real figures, not CGI.

Shooting video took 10 days, it has been used 450 gallons of paint, 500 cans of spray paint. Sainty companions drew 400 drawings.

Honda and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam launched a campaign to promote the car Honda Insight Hybrid.

60-second TV spot is the audience the world's largest LED screen, which shows a simple animated images that reflect the most important word of the campaign - "Good." Winking smiley, hugs and kisses, gloomy faces, smiles bloom.

Over time, the viewer begins to realize that it's not just LED screen with primitive pictures - hundreds and hundreds of cars Honda Insight Hybrid, flashing headlights at night. The video ends with the dawn and logo «Honda Eco».

Executive Creative Director John Norman: «The first time we went to the site to see whether it is possible to do all this with these machines. It was just amazing to see what has been done, studied and counted to create a real car light show. The distance to the camera, lens types, even the weight of the camera, all affect each other and everything else. It was a gorgeous inspirational process. "

But in the end, despite the fact that the team found out that the idea logistically feasible, the agency is to think about the harm that would be caused to the environment of such a large-scale shooting. Not that he would have been very large, but since the brand platform is, you have to follow it around. As a result, it was decided to combine the software for 3D modellingu Houdini, a small amount of the actual car Honda Insight and hundreds of lights from the Insight. Everything was interconnected, and custom-written software has created two separate half animations that have been linked to the post-production.

Studio Digital Kitchen made an animated trailer for the Seattle International Film Festival, showing uncommon game with the image and style.

Under the slogan "Find the unexpected" Digital Kitchen has created a very unusual invitation to visit one of the most interesting nemeynstrimovyh kinosobyty States.

When you create a movie to use computer graphics was minimized: cut used paper pieces, acetic acid, and even the leaves of ferns.

"We created lokeyshn in our studio in Seattle - Two lightbox made of 5 sheets of glass placed on top of the diffusion layer. Each layer was a glass element which has been animated or frame by frame or was to create a static environment. For example, the frame must be scattering layer, a colored layer, a layer of characters that we can control, and a layer of organic material, which is a part of the landscape.

We do not just make a movie that went up to the overall campaign SIFF, we are "sung glory" Handmaiden-quality early Stop Motion animation, as well as the versatility and diversity of SIFF, which presents films from around the world, featuring production they differ radically from the highest, to the simple and primitive. "

Advertising agency JWT London has developed advertising chocolates Aero, for which it was necessary to inflate the 50,000 balloons.

The essence of the movie lies in the fact that balloons painted in the color of chocolate, skateboarder rides. As a result, the balls are raised into the air, and the skateboarder is surrounded by them on all sides.

Advertising should show the ease of porous chocolate Aero, which makes the Swiss Nestle.

British agency AKQA, specializing in interactive marketing, introduced the video, which played popular Christmas tune Jingle Bells signals via microwaves.

AKQA Experts noted that each microwave shutdown publishes its own special sound. By programming dozens of microwaves so that they have completed work on the line, they recorded the resulting sounds and get the melody.

Planning a short infomercial take weeks and shooting - the whole day.

The American company AKQA, specializing in interactive marketing, introduced the video, which played popular Christmas tune Jingle Bells signals via microwaves.

The video, which made the band Gorillaz team and animators for the BBC on the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, came out, of course, earlier than six months ago, but did not mention it was impossible. Since this is almost the only advertising cartoon, drawn on paper.

Spot "Monkey", an idea which was developed by agency Red Bee Media and RKCR / Y & R, made by the author of the musical project Gorillaz - Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn. Hewlett was a director and art director of the animation, and Albarn wrote a soundtrack for the opera.

The plot is - recycled classic Chinese novel of the 16th century, "Journey to the West". The protagonist of one of the four short stories, which are a pillar of Chinese literature, appears a monkey and other animals, traditional Chinese folklore. They also appear in the video, in which they make difficult and full of dangers journey to Beijing for the stadium "Bird's Nest". Overcoming all obstacles and dangers - a symbol of virtually all the major Olympic sports.

Two-minute video, similar in style and at the same time with the animation for the Gorillaz, and Chinese painting, contains 3000 frames, painted by hand on paper. They drew 12 weeks 4 and 5 senior animator assistant animators led by Jamie Hewlett, izrisoval about 50 mechanical pencils and 8000 sheets of special paper for animation. Also involved were four special effects animator, who were responsible for drawing fire, smoke, dust and clouds Monkeys in digital image processing.

The video included scenes from the 56 drawn 59. All 3000 "staff paper" after transferring them to a digital format were destroyed, but not before they lay down in a pile of measured the - Footprint left 83 centimeters tall.

Samples "Sunset sun hand" - trendstartery, classics or with a major awards: Sony Bravia «Balls»

Sony Bravia «Paint»

Sony Bravia «Play-Doh»

Honda Accord «Cog»

Guinness «Tipping Point»

MTN «Stickies»

Big Yellow Storage «Tide»

Also in the same direction can and should include all the videos shot by technology Stop Motion, as well as part of the rollers (neanimatsionnye), which are different versions of the chain reaction. 35 in stock! 21 Comments
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