How to change your life for 4 weeks. Tips to help you wake up a new man!

Can you believe that in just 28 days, paying himself and his inner self, can radically change the course of your life? Skeptics now, perhaps pointedly snorts, arguing that it is impossible. However, there should be recognized even the most inveterate cynics that the habit - a delicate and very powerful. There are even studies showing that only 21 days a person needs to overcome itself. This is a turning point, a barrier, breaking that, you can change yourself beyond recognition.

Today, the team wants entertainment site so to speak on his fingers to show how to plan and carry out only one month, which completely changed your whole life. These four weeks should be a powerful impetus to global change. Every seven days, have three main tasks, the three priorities that are worth special attention. The most difficult thing - to make the first move. But, believe me, it is done, you will understand how in your life comes something new, bright, good. Start today, enough to procrastinate. So life will fly!

Week 1. Cleanse the body and mind.

Early rise. The well-known saying: "The early bird catches the worm feeds". Believe me, it works in practice. Get used to get up early, before 6 am. You will see how to 9-10 when all just get up out of bed and slowly get to and from work, you've spent a very productive time for anything without being distracted, and even performed a half daily allowance! Soon noticed that since you will be plenty of spare time. Forget about such a concept as to stand on the wrong foot. Tune yourself to the fact that the morning will bring you a new, happy day, full of adventure. And then every day will start cheerfully and positively.

Easier food. This is not about grueling diets and fasting LPs - they usually only bring harm. Of course, you should not go to extremes, recording in raw foodists or vegetarians if you do alien. However, we must recognize that the fast food, soft drinks, semifinished products clearly do not fit into one list of useful products. Less any chemicals, small portions, more fruits and vegetables - and your body will thank you!

Sports. In a healthy body - healthy mind. A movement is known - this is life. So, to inject energy in any body, it should be stir. Yoga, pilates, swimming pool, fitness, volleyball - the good, the modern man has to choose from. Do not forget that we are talking not only about the grueling workouts in the gym. We dance in front of the mirror when going somewhere, go once or twice walking to work, give up the elevator - it all brings you closer to the cherished goal.

Week 2. Clear space, business and the environment

General cleaning of the space. thoroughly clean all the old things that you do not use. Stuff away in a cabinet or on the mezzanine - not an option. Cleaning to be everything: that old blouse, which is the last time you wore three years ago, but then gave it to a beloved husband, and the one hundredth jar-sklyanochka in which you do not you put, but for some reason you keep in the cupboard, and even the a souvenir from Turkey that you bought in the heat of passion. You'll see, soon it will be easier to breathe!

Get all the work and commitment of the closet. Which year had promised myself to go to a dance or visit an old grandmother in Tambov, but his hands somehow did not reach? How many New Year obligations is usually performed in practice? So, right now I write a list of all these things, and put them in priority to those of the term, which can be deleted altogether. Do not wear for an extra burden!

Check environment. to complete all of the relationships that are pulling you back to drive in depression or cause only negative. Learn to say no and just go - can not be forced. All the people were on the path of life is not accidental, but some are no longer in your destiny. Do this and you will feel as you begin to breathe.

Week 3. Plans, dreams, goals.

write, and execute plans. is painted beautifully on paper with colored markers all their plans, seal the entire apartment with stickers supervazhnye things - a good move, but it is not enough. It is necessary to carry everything up to, otherwise it does not make any sense.

Incredible, but true. Write on a piece of all the dreams that seem unrealizable (world domination, climbing Everest in 100 years, intergalactic flight). Eliminate criticism and imagine that all the possibilities at your feet. Many people who practice like, a couple of years to laugh at the fact that they once seemed unattainable and unrealizable.

Plan on a daily basis. Every evening, write plans for the next day. Even if the next day you never thought of the existence of the leaf, it does not matter! So day after day can be traced to the overall picture in the right direction you are moving. And are moving it at all.

Week 4. Expand the boundaries

Try to live differently. Do it literally every second of his life. Try to work on unfamiliar road. Book in a cafe that had never eaten. Listen to the music, which previously ignored or did not take. Do not focus on something one, try to change something, to experiment. Gradually leave the beaten path, on the other routes have a lot of new and interesting!

Get out of your comfort zone. Do not argue, if you came to the conscientious implementation of all of the preceding paragraphs - you've made a giant step towards change. However, it should look to all your fears in the eye. Are you afraid to meet new people - go to a party in an unfamiliar company. The head is spinning from a single mention of the height? It's time to test themselves on the Ferris wheel. No preparations, postponing indefinitely - Grab the patch one jerk!

Do not forget about the rest. By no means a holiday break between work and relaxation with a full exit from the house to disconnect the Internet and mobile, to travel and forays into the countryside. And, of course, with an honest heart to heart talk with yourself.

When will pass all the nine circles of hell (and, perhaps, altogether on the contrary), then you realize that you have become a completely different person. It sounds, of course, the pompous and pathetic, but it's true. Try to start living better today. After all, as they say, the attempt - not torture, and demand - it does not matter. Perform each of these items makes you stronger, wiser and collected. These jobs allow you to see from the outside what you can, and make you look deep into your own self.

Save Me Bookmark this amazingly effective technique. When you decide to change their lives for the better - it would be very helpful!

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