He was awakened din in the street ... When he looked out the window, could not believe my eyes!

Imagine that you woke up from damn annoying and unpleasant sound, resembling the buzzing of bees. But the noise is much more loud and frightening. The same situation has recently been an active user of the well-known foreign blog Reddit. The man lives in South Shields, England. And once he was awakened by a terrible noise really. Do not put into words the feelings that experienced blogger, looked out the window. His surprise knew no bounds!

When we see the bees, we have a natural defense reaction. Of course, these creatures cause a feeling not pleasant, because bees have a sting and they can really hurt you they sting. What happens is that one can make an innocent bee run out of the room the whole family. But what can we say about the fact that we had to try this "lucky» ...

He looked out the window and suddenly saw a giant swarm of bees.

The man immediately had questions: "Where are they, dammit, come from? What brought them here? » B>

Where did they take, it seemed, insects have decided to stay here for a long time.

The neighbors became alarmed and asked to call an exterminator. But it was not the best idea! B>

In a matter of minutes, the number of bees has doubled, so reliable after all was to call the beekeeper.

The most logical explanation for the massive invasion of the giant swarm was that insects try to form a colony.

In the absence of the queen bee, worker bees prowl for a new colony.

This is their natural way of reproduction.

But, be honest, it looks intimidating sight ...

Despite the fact that honey bees sting only in exceptional cases, the best solution at this time was - to stay at home.

If you'll stay calm, there is a chance that insects will not harm you, and soon just fly away.

This is not every day you see! There just will not find curiosities in nature! If I witnessed such a sight, I'd be scared as hell. Show it to your friends bee invasion. I hope they do not panic in front of insects.



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