Silence is good for health

On the environment negative effect not only automobile emissions, industrial zones and landfills. Harm to human health can even the noise. Noise as a constant companion of our lives, haunts urban dwellers everywhere.

For determining hazardous levels of noise, its impact is estimated in decibels (dB) special device. Noise is also characterized by pitch (frequency) and high frequency noises seem louder and more irritating the ear than low frequency of the same power. The effects of noise are usually high frequency sounds to which people are more sensitive, is scored on a scale of decibels A (dBA), in units of dBA. The effect of noise becomes threat at approximately 75 dBA, painful at 120 dB and death at 180 dBA.

Some people noise annoys, others less. The noise is not able to directly kill a person, but at the same time he is the cause of many nervous system disorders and heart disease. Constant noise over 80 dB leads to gastritis and stomach ulcers. Even if a person thinks that he is used to noise and have not noticed it, in fact, human health continues to deteriorate.


The effect of noise is distributed in a dream – even if you managed to sleep under the roar of the screaming alarm, the negative impact continues. This may be one of the causes of fatigue and discomfort in the morning. At the same time the "right" noise ( is that natural sounds such as the murmur of the brook, the sound of the surf, rain, etc.) on the contrary, promotes a relaxed and healthy sleep. Therefore, physicians are advised to acquire such records for relaxation.

To protect itself from the noise of urban bustle is almost impossible. But in your own apartment it is really to create the most favorable conditions. The first requires soundproofing. A second, turn down the TV sound and the music center. Particularly negative effect on health, first and foremost to the ear affected by loud music in headphones. Try not to become the cause of the deterioration of his health.

Mankind has long recognized the harm that can cause noise. Two thousand years ago, Julius Caesar banned carts to ride through the streets of Ancient Rome at night. The noise control is today – invented the noiseless engines for aircraft and automobiles, trains run on rails fainter, and appliances will soon not be heard. It is in our interest as much as possible to take care of silence.

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