The child's diet and his behavior

Food particularly strong influence not only on the health of the child, but at his behavior. And not only physical but also psychological. Certainly, many parents notice that after eating them or the child becomes too aggressive or too passive. His behavior is affected by food.

Our child loves the most sweet. There is no such a baby who would refuse a delicious candy or sweet drinks. Many parents allow their children to use such products, they do not think about how they will affect the condition of the body.

Sugar is not always useful. Sweet often contributes to a very rapid release of insulin in the baby's blood sugar level decreases. So the baby becomes Moody and alienated or impatient. Due to the fact that blood toddler low sugar levels, the body begins to produce stress hormones. The child may become hyperactive. He feels anxious, irritated at the slightest trifles. Such parents are hard to reassure, it is almost impossible to explain something, he might start to cry over nothing or act up. Some children become drowsy, it is not easy to focus on something.

Note that sugar is present in many foods. And it is not always harmful. For example, sucrose, glucose, sugar, dextrose and brown sugar added to sweets, drinks, cakes, etc. Often in a single product has several types of sugar, making it an impact force on the body increases. They cause spikes in the emotional behavior of the child, his mood.

But not only the presence of large amounts of sugar can change your child's behaviour. Many products consumed by children, the caffeine. It is not always positive on the fragile body, sometimes causing severe changes in behavior. Maybe you noticed when the baby after drinking Cola can't sleep, tossing and turning or crying. Caffeine, which is included in the beverage composition, over-stimulates the body. Therefore, parents should carefully read labels to protect the nervous system of your child.

By the way, if you give baby overnight porridge or meat, be prepared for the fact that the baby will not be able to sleep or will behave very badly. After all, such foods can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, and the kid simply wouldn't be able to relax.

Are not always positive for the child and food coloring. So, yellow and red food dyes can impair the behavior of some children.

By the way, there are products that positively affect the child's behavior. So, sugar that have long absorbed (fructose, lactose), to provide the child with energy, they are not shake-up. Complex carbohydrates help your child a lot longer to feel full.

Note also that in the body of the child needs omega-3 fats. If they are not enough, the baby becomes distracted, hyperactive. And sometimes parents just can't understand what is happening to their child. The student may experience problems with behavior and academic performance in the classroom. Therefore, the mother needs to include in the diet of your baby fatty sea fish, cod liver. Not interfere with the use of vegetable oils cold-pressed.

So our child will feel well, parents have a reasonable approach to the selection of products for him. This will allow the child to always be energetic and full.


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