Hotel for fans of the band the Beatles

Liverpool opened the new hotel, which will appeal to fans of the British band the Beatles. The fact that the hotel itself looks like a yellow submarine on the cover of cult album of this music group, and he constantly stands on the water, its visitors can enjoy the swing on the waves lying in her bed.
Fifty million eight hundred one thousand eight hundred fifty nine

It is noteworthy that the hotel had converted a small vessel, which previously belonged to Paramount Pictures. The ship was used for filming a movie about James bond called "the Hunt for Red October", where the main role was played by Sean Connery.
Seven million two hundred eighty three thousand one hundred twenty four

Now, the 24-meter boat moored at albert dock in Liverpool. In addition, the hotel has already started to receive its first guests. The hotel is located 3 bedrooms and a shared living room. Even inside the hotel is decorated in the style of the album the British band. At the same time, the hotel rooms are equipped with modern 3D TVs as well as computers and Internet access via Wi-Fi.
Thirty million six hundred sixteen thousand eighty one

Accommodation in hotel will cost visitors 190 euros per day, if you rent the room from Monday to Thursday. If you book a room from Friday to Sunday then the cost would be 280 euros per day.

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