What else affects the success of the restaurant: the noise level


In our blog we have already talked about how restaurants are adopting automation systems (for example, Jowi), study visitors with Google and engaged in Menu design . Despite the fact that restaurateurs think through a number of different components, many of them forget about another important aspect which directly affects the success of the institution - is the noise level. < / a>

«New smoke» h4> The common situation - in the warm season, a new institution, which is rapidly becoming popular. Its creators are paying more attention to decor and good food, the windows are open, people talking, and everything just marvelous. But then comes the fall, have to close the windows to keep the heat, and it turns out that the room is getting louder. Much louder.

Sound preparing cocktails mixed with noise wafting from the open kitchen, and all of this is mixed with background music. In addition, when the room is greater than people, the visitors themselves are beginning to speak louder - there is even a mathematical about this theme. In such circumstances, normally communicate quite difficult.

Mayo Clinic The following comparison of the noise level in decibels and the source, who could publish it in real life:

60 dB - the sound of a normal conversation, the safe level. 70 dB - so it sounds a washing machine, a safe level. 80 dB - the sound of a busy road, still a safe level. 85-90 dB - roughly equal to the powerful mower, under the influence at the hearing for 8 hours a day can be a problem. 95 dB - a motorcycle, when exposed to such noise for 8 hours a day will be a problem. 100 dB - ekvivaletno operating snowmobile risk when exposed for 2 hours a day. 110 dB - a rock concert, and 30 minutes enough to have a problem. изучило the noise level in American universities. The record became an institution with a noise level of 86 decibels on average (and peaks of up to 97 dB). After the journalists asked for comments to members of the restaurant, they said in the letter that "the noise is at the desired level to guide».

The representative of another institution rather loud (81 decibels) Theresa Paopao said the team involved in the preparation for the opening of the restaurant, just did not predict how will sound filled the hall. "There's always been pretty loud," - she says. "But when autumn came, and we closed the windows, there is another wall of glass, and the sound was just nowhere to go».

Globe interviewed sound expert Steven Drago said that the noise levels experienced by journalists, unacceptably high ("especially 97 decibels"). According to him, hearing of people who visit these places, and the more work there is harmed.

"The noise - a new smoke" - says Joon Ho Lee, a Washington research firm The Hartman Group. "People are still in restaurants not only eat, but also to communicate. The lively buzz in the room - it is quite normal, but when you try to talk to a lot of noise does not cause positive emotions ».

What makes the restaurant h4> Although the answers in the spirit of "management are satisfied", nowadays dissatisfied users can go further than just the обсуждать Internet noise and how loud places make a visit more comfortable (given tips a > a series of "arrive early as there is no one", "do not sit at the TV").

The guests left the restaurant unsatisfied visit can leave a negative review about it on specialized sites or social networks, in addition, such a client could turn out to be a popular
blogger , which instantly tells its readers about all the cons of places.

Therefore, most restaurateurs still listens to customers. For example, one of the visitors to the Mexican restaurant in the city of Somerville went there on a date with a girl and was dissatisfied with the level of noise. He told about his impressions on the site yet, but when he returned to the restaurant a year later, the noise level has been "much more normal." The user has written a new review, in which he noted improvement.

Owners of establishments shelled out for an additional sound insulation. Insulating material was added in even the tables and chairs, and a wall mounted 33 special sound-absorbing panels, 5 centimeters wide and covered with fire-resistant composition. They have also been specially decorated to fit into the interior.

In addition, changes have occurred in the layout of the hall - the bar has been moved further away from the entrance to a separate corner. All of this flew a lot of money - the cost of noise reduction amounted to $ 30 000.

Another restaurant in the town of Bourne, Massachusetts - Lobster Trap - to combat the noise was even decided not to close all windows and doors in all weathers. Poor design has led to the fact that noise behind closed doors in the facility increases many times, from which the visitors had a headache. Part of the problem was solved by installing sound-absorbing panaley on the roof, which was decorated of a trap for lobsters:

Some restaurateurs say that the problems with the noise level became for them an unpleasant surprise. "When you thought of everything, and then people start to complain about the noise - it's a little disappointing," - says Theresa Paopao. However, it leaves it at that institution simply can not - because otherwise the guests will be unhappy, and that can lead to real financial losses - even in 2011 carried out study , according to which the rating upgrade to our review could lead to an increase in revenue brick and mortar establishments of a few percent.

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