The loudest sound

The sound seems to be, it is something harmless. Even the loudest sounds are usually able to make us wince only rarely after a loud sound, we feel tinnitus. However, it appears that the sound can not only bring trouble - it can kill. The loudest sound that scientists were able to create within the military trials (USA), was equal to 210 or 400 dB acoustic thousands of watts. To understand how this really loud noise, we give a few examples.

The rustling of leaves in the wind - it's the sound at 15 decibels - it is barely audible. It is a distinct sound - a normal conversation, the noise level from which - about 45 decibels. A loud cry and laugh - it is quite noisy (75 decibels).
The traveler at a distance of no more than 7 meters subway car making a sound level of 95 decibels. Being near or inside the helicopter, we can estimate the sound volume of 110 decibels. Pluggers publishes almost unbearable to human ears the sound output of 120 dB.

At the sound of 130 decibels in a normal person suffers pain in the ears, is the noise level which starts jet aircraft. Sound rocket takes off capacity of 145 causes a contusion.
At the sound of 160 decibels at a man torn eardrums and even lung tissue (due to the resonance of sound in the lungs), the sound is 200 decibels - deadly.

So, the loudest sound a 210-decibel, created in 1965, was obtained by the reflection of sound waves reinforced concrete test bed of 14 m and 18 m deep foundation. The mine was built to test the rocket "Saturn 5" in Alabama.

The sound of this power allowed to drill holes in hard materials, and its echoes were heard within a radius of 160 kilometers from the test area.

By the way, the loudest scream that could give the man was equal to 129 dB.


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