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In this new year, someone estimated 150 years as a French chef Lucien Olivier, for the first time gave his signature salad, and now none of the new year not to do without dishes

2. My morning began with a December 29 visit to the cemetery Vvedensky.

3.Zdes 5 years ago as a result of the inventory discovered the tomb of the cook. However, a little later, I learned that a long time know about the tomb, but the cemetery was told like this, about 5 years. With the money restaurateurs Moscow refurbish the monument. But flowers are not there. Well, what I brought.

4.Lyusen Olivier worked in Moscow in the mid-19th century. He was co-owner and chef "Hermitage" that Neglinnoy. This Parisian kitchen and elegant interior attracted Moscow creative intelligentsia: Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov later, Tchaikovsky ...

5.150 years later, the house on Neglinnaia continues to attract outstanding artists of our time. This Theatre School of Modern Drama.

6.Stsena and auditorium are located in the Great Hall of the former restaurant "Hermitage".

7.Gde now houses the bed, there was actually a small stage, where he played chamber orchestra. And then, in Soviet times, there also was something. The bed is still preserved stucco - a star, the hammer and sickle.

8. In the hall carefully saved the original interior. However, since other functions. That was a balcony. Now, as I understand, there is no balcony.

9.Sohranilsya ceiling but without a dome. They want to restore.

10. Do not managed to save all the doors, still made of wood. Ie Here is the entrance to the auditorium, it is with conventional doors. (a door, which was at the beginning - this is another entrance, she - the original)


12.Lepnina with cherubs

13. All equipment in the theater trying to establish a way that does not damage the decorative elements of the hall of the former restaurant.

14. The original interior is not only stored in the hall. He's all over the theater.


16.Osobenno important to underline the theater, keep the walls. There murals mid-19th century. One of them was left open to show everyone who is interested not only in theater, but also the history of the building.

17.A Now the rest of the wall is thoroughly sealed. Red plaster - a protective layer that comes off easily when they come restorers.

18. During the renovation of the theater has been found here is this old lantern. Also the 19th century.

19. It stands at the service entrance, so it's not many see. And yet it modernized, and it is now lit from the switch.

20.No perhaps the most valuable discovery is located in the office of artistic director, Joseph Leonidovich Raihelgauz. This menu, though not the 19th century, and has already started 20th, but it's now a restaurant menu "Hermitage".

21. After the Revolution, the restaurant has stopped working. Recipe "Olivier" by that time had already been lost for a long time.

22. There are several versions of what had happened to the original salad recipe. On one of them, assistant Lucien Olivier ran out of the restaurant "Hermitage" to the restaurant "Yar" with the recipe.

23. That, in contrast to the "Hermitage", has kept himself and after the Revolution. And now a stronghold of the "Olivier".


25. In the lobby of the restaurant near the wardrobe is an aquarium with lobsters. You can pick one for dinner.

26. By the way, again, according to one version, one of the ingredients of salad "Olivier" was: 25 boiled crawfish or 1 large lobster.

27. Hall of the restaurant - it is also a museum.

28. Here, hang original posters from the early 20th century ...

29. ... as well as an exhibition of antique porcelain with the logo of the restaurant.


31. Also in the lobby presents modern restaurant menus.

32. "Olivier" in it appears like this:

33. Interior here, I must say, not less impressive than in the former "Hermitage". However, one can see that in the 19th century there reigned a different culture. In Gilyarovskogo described as a gentleman, first went to dine at the "Hermitage", eat gourmet cuisine in Paris, and then all went to the "Yar", enjoy cold veal on some prescription there and listen to Roma.





38. Yes, if you're interested, the average score in the restaurant, I was told at the reception, 3,500 rubles. With dessert, but no alcohol.

39. To prepare the salad, listed in the menu, we were left alone chef - Paul.

40. Here they are - the ingredients that are part of the modern "Olivier": potatoes, carrots, cucumbers salty, fresh cucumber, crayfish, egg, veal tongue, chicken thigh, green peas, red salmon caviar, mayonnaise, lettuce and quail egg - this embellishment, like garbage in the bottle. Well, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

41. Paul is skeptical about the search for the original recipe. He says now those products are not. Well, for example, grouse that the salad should be boiled and fried. Black pressed caviar banned altogether. Even the mayonnaise in this pretentious restaurant have themselves do not, run by the purchased. In the end, all the researchers say, "Olivier", to restore its original flavor is almost impossible, because this is the taste of the ingredients have formed not only as spices, which Lucien Olivier grouse and boiled crawfish (well, lobster).

42. Paul made a "base" of salad from all but the veal tongue, caviar, crayfish tails and quail eggs, and, well, and lettuce.

43. And on this base, lined with 3 rectangles, is laid on top of a little caviar on quail egg halves, one crayfish and veal tongue chips.


45. The operator removes Assistant lust. Salad we have not given. Apparently, in the evening at a banquet it to someone filed. And it's cool because not only did this salad was the hero of my story, so it is completely still and did himself a chef.

46. ​​However, in the end, it does not really matter who is going to eat this salad ...
Happy New Year! With perpetual salad! Mark, thank you for your attention.



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