7 recipes the most important Christmas salad

To make the perfect Russian salad, remember a few simple rules. 1. All ingredients should be cold.2. Observe the proportions. Take approximately 1 potato per person, and the rest of the ingredients – based on this number.3. Products cut cubes of the same size.4. Season the salad with mayonnaise classic: experiments with dressing in Olivier inappropriate.5. Salt and pepper the salad to taste just after refueling.RECIPE OLIVIER FROM ALEXANDER SELEZNEV
Thirty five million two hundred ninety five thousand six hundred ninety one

This recipe is not the usual sausage and potatoes and peas: this salad is fish. It includes the sturgeon, shrimp and red caviar.You will need200 g of smoked sturgeon
200 g boiled shrimp
2 fried quail
10 g of red caviar
150 g fresh cucumbers
150 g of pickles
50 g of capers
200 g of boiled carrots
10 PCs boiled quail eggs
The homemade mayonnaise.
Herbs for decorationPreparation:1. All products are cut into small dice, mayonnaise, mix well.2. When applying to persianyouth the cylinder, from top to decorate 1 tsp caviar, half a quail egg and a sprig of greenery.RECIPE FOR COOKING A TURKEY FROM CHEF MARK STATSENKO
Three million two hundred thirty six thousand five hundred seventy

 You will need:60 g boiled potatoes
60 g of boiled carrots
30 g of canned peas
30 g smoked chicken meat
2 tbsp of red caviar
1/2 tbsp fresh chopped parsley
2 pickled cucumbers
1 cucumber
1 boiled chicken egg
60 g sauce "Aioli"sauce:2 fresh eggs (the yolks)
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice
Pinch of salt
A pinch of ground pepper
50 ml olive oilPreparation:1. Cut all the vegetables into the usual cubes, season with salt and pepper, mix well, season with mayonnaise, add the chicken and the eggs, greens, stir and serve.2. Sauce: beat the eggs with a whisk with the mustard and slowly pour in the olive oil at the end add lemon juice, salt and pepper, mix well.RECIPE OLIVIER THE CHEF OF THE RESTAURANT "THE GARDEN" CHEF ADRIAN QUETGLAS
Sixty eight million six hundred twenty two thousand nineteen

 You will need10 g of the prepared hot-smoked sturgeon
10 g of Omar
10 g of crab meat
10 g of crayfish
10 g anchovies oil
10 g pickled venison
7 g smoked duck
10 g of boiled tongue
5 g of fresh cucumber
5 g salted cucumber
5 g of celery
5 g daikon
10 g jelly celery
10 g jelly cucumber
Cayenne pepper
1 egg yolk quail Aizada sauce:167 g leaf salad
6 egg yolks
40 g olive oil
40 grams of vegetable unrefined oil
1 g of the sauce, "Worcester»
20 g of vodka
20 g of fresh horseradish
2 g sherryPreparation:1. All the ingredients cut into cubes and place on a plate, and cut into cubes jelly, cucumber and celery. Quail egg to put in the freezer for 12 hours, then thawed – the protein changes its structure, and the yolk becomes like a ball of butter, put it on top of the ingredients in the center of the plate.2. In a blender mix the mayonnaise-based: in the beaten yolks pour a thin stream of oil. Then add in turn the rest of the ingredients and fresh, grated on a fine grater horseradish.3. When serving, pour a dish of anchovies with oil and sauce.RECIPE OLIVIER THE CHEF OF THE RESTAURANT "GUSYATNIKOFF" CYRIL ZEBRINA
Three million two hundred sixteen thousand four hundred fifty three

The recipe for this salad is close to the original recipe of Lucien Olivier. This version combines elements of ancestral recipe with modern additions. You will need 30 g of meat smoked Guinea fowl
20 g of boiled veal tongue
15 g of fresh cucumbers
15 g of pickles
20 g boiled carrots
60 g of boiled potatoes
30 g sauce "Provansal"
5 g capers
3 PCs crayfish
30 g chicken acpica
4 PCs of quail eggsPreparation:1. All ingredients cut into large flat slices.2. Put layers, each promazyvaya mayonnaise mixed with chopped capers.3. Hands betray the form of slides or do anything in a conical bowl, then flip.4. As the slide is ready, coat with sauce and to impose its slices of boiled potatoes and quail eggs, sliced lengthwise.5. Decorate with chopped crayfish tails and icy poultry broth (aspikom).THE RECIPE OF SALAD FROM THE CHEF OF THE RESTAURANT "CAFE CHEKHOV" DENIS PEREVOZ
Ninety two million seven hundred sixty six thousand seven hundred ninety two

 You will need:40 g of potatoes ("circles" cut French spoon)
30 g carrots
20 g of green peas
20 g pickled cucumbers
60 g of crabs
10 g of red caviar
Herbs for decoration
40 g of homemade mayonnaise on the quail eggsPreparation:1. Boil the potatoes, carrots, peas.2. Put the ingredients figured on the plate.3. Cucumbers cut lengthwise and roll "rolls".4. Mayonnaise: beat the egg yolks with olive oil, add the mustard, lemon juice, salt.5. Using a pastry bag to isolate the mayonnaise on the plate.6. Decorate the dish with greens and serve.RECIPE OLIVIER FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE CHEFS CLUB OF SAINT-PETERSBURG ILYA LAZERSON
Eighty million eight hundred ninety eight thousand seven hundred ten

 You will need:30 g of boiled veal tongue
30 g pickled cucumbers
1 egg
5 PCs crayfish
30 g of boiled potatoes
30 g of boiled carrots
20 g of meat (beef)
6 g of pickled capers
Homemade mayonnaisePreparation:1. Potatoes, carrots, eggs boil, cool.2. All the ingredients cut into small cubes, season with homemade mayonnaise.3. To serve, giving the salad in the shape of a cylinder. Garnish with greens as desired.By the WAY: here are some secrets of cooking salad. When the meat is cooked, it needs to cool in the broth. The potatoes are cooked already in the cubes with the addition of acid (vinegar) – then it does not absorb the mayonnaise and retains its shape.In mayonnaise homemade spice add a little Worcestershire sauce.OLIVIER THE CHEF OF THE RESTAURANT "WHITE RABBIT" BY VLADIMIR MUKHIN
Seventy two million seven hundred eighty six thousand six hundred ninety eight

Instead of potatoes in this recipe green salad "Romano".You will need:12 g of young fresh-frozen green peas
20 g boiled carrots
30 g of lettuce "Romano»
50 g of fresh cucumbers
30 g pickled cucumbers without the skin and without seeds
1 egg
2 quail eggs
10 g of capers on the stem
30 g of homemade mayonnaise
Quail, baked at low temperature or of fried, fillets and legs Preparation: 1. The eggs boil and cool.2. All the ingredients cut into cubes, combine, mayonnaise.3. Salt and pepper to taste.

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