Mortality robot dog Aibo

When Sony has stopped producing replacement parts for your robot dog Aibo, robo-pet owners went on strike because Aibo become an integral part of their family.

This is the last episode of the show to Bits called «Robotica», which is considered as robots can change the way of doing business and our daily lives.

They do not shed, do not chew the furniture, do not bite the mailman, but for thousands of people robot dog Aibo from Sony has become an analogue of close to a real pet. So when the Japanese company stopped servicing these robots in the past year, the owners are faced with the terrible prospect: the aging of their "pets" will break forever.

Sony introduced Aibo 1999 and costs 250,000 yen (about $ 2,000 at current exchange rates). Robots like beagle dogs could move around, growling and perform simple tricks. The company sold 150,000 units by 2006. The fifth and latest generation of robots , as reported, could express to 60 emotions.

Robot as a pet does not become ubiquitous accessory thought to developers, but the Aibo was never more than a side project for Sony. This product has sold tens of millions, not thousands. While until the mid 2000s, the corporation was losing money, their basic television business has been undermined by competition from cheaper goods their Korean competitors.

The development has fallen victim to restructuring, because Sony wanted to refocus on more profitable business. Nevertheless, she continued servicing of pet Aibo to March last year. But later parts are too small, and the company had to stop the service. - Jonathan Observed



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