Robotic toys for children

Technology makes the toy more interactive, turning them into real friends. With these robotic devices, you will not be afraid to leave your child, because they not only occupy their time but also develop your child.


Twenty one million seven hundred nine thousand one hundred ninety five

Dash and Dot is a popular choice in the category of "the first robot", as they are designed for children from 5 to 12 years.

Both robots cartoon appearance, Dot can be compared with an octopus, and Dash – wedge.

You can manage them using a special application for a smartphone or tablet equipped with a serious programming package. Younger children can use a smartphone or remote to activate the application.

Dash and Dot educational toys that are equipped with speakers, microphones, USB port, Bluetooth module, LEDs. Dot has no wheels or legs, Dash – more mobile robot: it can move on the surface, to turn the "head", avoid obstacles, and to synchronize with Dot, and then to perform tricks.

For Dash and Dot produced a number of toys, accessories, among them the most interesting xylophone. If you attach a drum stick Dash will play a simple melody.


Forty four million seven hundred four thousand nine hundred seven

Aibo from Sony since the mid-1990s was one of the most popular children's robots.

It is present in three models and eleven versions. In our day to robots AIBO ERS-7M3 manufactured components produced by external companies and supported by a community of fans.

AIBO can simulate the consciousness of the living dog. He moves, reacts on the affection of the owner and his team, is playing with the app and even recognise the face of the owner. In total, dog characteristic 20 degrees of freedom, which includes the movement of legs, head, tail, ears and lower jaw, and the behavior of a robot.

Memory card allows you to record the software, but it can be controlled via apps for smartphone and tablet.



Sixty nine million one hundred ninety two thousand twenty seven

It is an enhanced version of the constructor to create robots at home Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0, which was released in 2013.

Traditionally, the set consists of three classes. The first are the details submitted by the gears, bushings, plastic beams, fixtures, etc., they can be combined by fastening with "bricks" Lego. The second class includes large and medium-sized motors. This list complement the sensors of touch, recognize color, infrared radiation, ultrasonic and gyroscopic. The third and main element – Lego Mindstorms EV3 – the EV3 unit.

An important innovation is the support for Wi-Fi and a USB host. The device can be synchronized with Apple devices.




Four million one hundred fifty three thousand eight hundred four

The set of blocks of MOSS – an alternative to the complex and sophisticated Lego sets.

Modular Robotics are plastic cubes with holes in the corners. They can be colored in different color faces and pads on the same faces. In addition to the dice, in sets there is space to sensors, batteries, and engines, "processors" – all that can be fastened with magnets.

Modular Robotics is very easy to assemble, but if you persevere, to cope with a set it will be difficult for even the veterans of robotics. The market has a Modular Robotics in two variations: Zombonitron and Exofabulatronixx.



Eighty nine million six hundred eighty four thousand one hundred seventy nine

Kids love when the game has competitive moment, especially if the enemy becomes robotic design.

The company Anki has developed an excellent robot that for all its indestructibility may be a child. Game – the racing simulator is equipped with a radio. Here cumbrous consoles come smartphones and tablets Apple.

Feature of Anki Drive that they can play alone. In real life cars in the game – it's not just RC models and robots, quickly analyzing their location and are equipped with AI. Anki Drive can be called the real embodiment of computer arcade racing survival game in which a properly implemented single-player and multiplayer modes.

In the beginning of the year, Anki has announced the release of a new version of the game is Overdrive, which should appear in September. It is expected modular track with up to eight configurations and machines, forming teams, and will be distributed to points in case of victory. They can spend to improve the performance of the car.



Fifty two million two hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred sixty four

Hypercaloric is an electronic toy, force under the implementation of the programmed activities. The ability to think makes hyperkalemia the world's first robot friend.

The robot has its own character and can develop. Every day he receives new knowledge about events that happen around. The robot can memorize what is happening around, like the owner and what is not, the time of awakening and so the character of the robot is influenced by lifestyle and psycho master. This is why every hypercaloric essentially unique. He also Autonomous, there is no need to use the remote control or programming. The robot should just turn, and control is performed through voice.




Seventy million six hundred fifty nine thousand three hundred twenty six

Roboraptor is a cute robotic dinosaur that was part of a series of programmable RC toy developed by WowWee.

Its size – about 80 cm, and it moves due to the presence of five engines, four touch sensors, two infrared sensors and audio-datchikami. So, toys can avoid obstacles, to explore space and to show any reaction to the event. Roboraptor is a dinosaur, whose body is in a horizontal position. Remote control to move the robot and to control his body. Roboraptor will turn tail and head, can protect his master, or to bite someone. Dinosaur may snort, wheeze, scream, his mood depends on the owner.




Forty two million ninety seven thousand nine hundred fifty eight

The public saw this robot in a fantastically cosmic cartoon "Wally". This model is very similar to the one presented, also has the same set of functions.

"Wally" is a very agile robot, which has arms to grip and transport objects.

The toy is equipped with a microprocessor of last generation, it is possible to synchronize sound, light, movement and acceleration. Robot if you want you can reprogram practically animate a cartoon character on the front of the audience.



Twenty one million six hundred fifty three thousand four hundred sixty one

This is fluffy orange miracle connects to the iPhone via the app and make a good friend for your child. Ubooly is able to hold a conversation, tell stories, play interactive games, make jokes, laugh and even sing songs.

Price: 29.99 USD.




Thirteen million five hundred seventy thousand five hundred sixty four

"Falcon" is a miniature helicopter on the remote control. This 11-gram device is brought in the Guinness Book of records as the smallest helicopter in the world.

It can rotate, execute turns in the air. The duration of continuous flight will be 5 minutes. Manufacturers recommend to buy such a robot for children over 6 years.

Price: 2 800 thousand rubles.



Thirteen million three hundred sixteen thousand five hundred sixty five

If you can not teach your child to read and write, then you just need this pen. It has a built-in speaker, which allows her to pronounce sounds. When a child brings a pen to the letters in the book, she pronounces them aloud, which helps him to remember them.

In the paper, which is made of the book, added ink, and to write the word, the child needs to start moving in the right direction. Pen not writing on any other surface, except a special paper, made from a book.

To handle I started to read, a child needs only a touch by her words printed in the book. Designed for children 4-8 years.


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