How to deal with an unpleasant person. 7 tips to help tame irritation.

In an ideal world, every person with whom you communicate, to be considerate, kind, generous, sympathetic and so on. These people understand the joke and no offense. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. Most of us in everyday life there are people who cause negative emotions. Sometimes we know why it happens, sometimes it does not. From it can not escape, we have to work and communicate with us unpleasant people. .cc has prepared seven tips that will help you to remain calm in the process of communicating with people who you do not like.

1. Start with yourself
When you communicate with someone who is unpleasant to you, remember - you can not change it, but you can change the attitude. Take control of your emotions. This man is not worth the nerves that you spend on it.
2. Stay neutral
The dispute has not figured out which one of you is right. Let everyone remain in his opinion on a particular issue and keep your nerves.
3. "What if ...?»
This question will allow you to see chat with an unpleasant person from a different angle. You perceive the relationship with that person as negative, but even in this situation, you can see something good. Try to see the positive side to the man, and mark them for yourself. «What if he wished me good?» em> - ask sebya.Ochen often people do not notice the good. We believe that this goes without saying. But when a person does something wrong, we immediately notice. Try to praise and support you bad man, he really deserves it. In response, over time, you'll hear the same thing. After a while you stop to consider it an unpleasant personality.
4. Increase the space
Please go to work in another room, sit down at the other end of the conference table, try to communicate more with other people. Ignoring - an effective way. When you answer, you continue to communicate with the person. If you will say that he was busy and did not have time to talk, that unpleasant companion nothing left but to turn their attention to someone else.
5. Demarcate
Clearly decide for yourself what you can tolerate and what not, and stick to these boundaries. On its borders patience warn person who is trying to break them. You have to understand that for you is unacceptable, and what the consequences might be.
6. Do not take too much to heart
If a man is bad to you, do not take it to heart. Perhaps he was so critical of everyone around. There are people who always are dissatisfied with all. Listen only to those people whose opinion is respected for you.

7. Be honest
Openness and transparency will help you get rid of unpleasant people. If you can not help someone - no excuses, just say "no." If you do not want someone to chat, just let this person in a gentle manner. Some people are not even aware that annoy you.

You can not change someone else, but you can change your attitude to the person. Use these tips and then your life will be much better.

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