9 basic rules of composition, which every fan should know the art of photography!

Steve McCurry - a genius photographer and writer snapshot "Afghan girl." Today, he will reveal to you a few important secrets, which, of course, does not make you a better photographer in the world, but it will bring to the creation of a masterpiece. Without these basic rules of composition can not create a good shot. This is exemplified by the works of Steve.

The Rule of Thirds
Important part of the composition must be placed along the lines and at their intersection.

Leading lines
You can also use natural lines to focus the viewer.

The diagonal line
A well-chosen lines give dynamism shot.

Well it looks natural framework, such as a window or door.

The relation figure and ground
Find the contrast between the subject and the background.

Please fill in the frame
Come closer to the one you shoot.

The dominant eye
Try to place the right or left eye in the center of the composition. This gives more expressive look of the beholder.

Textures and repetition of images
Play with textures and breaks them by adding colorful elements.

The harmony of the two halves pleasing to the eye.

In this video clearly shows these 9 rules:

If you do not let go of his hand camera, learn these rules by heart, because they are not just useful in your life and will bring you to the creation of this masterpiece.

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