He's just an ordinary gum wrapped around the egg. What had happened - excellent!

There are thousands of different ways of decorating Easter eggs, and everyone has their favorite. But do not get attached to the standard procedure when it comes to really important holidays. After all, if every year repeats the same thing, it lost the charm of a long-awaited event. Try to come up with something original this year for Easter, to make this day unlike any other. For indescribably beautiful eggs you need just a little bit of vinegar, some ordinary gum, water and dye. It sounds very tempting!

1. decoction of eggs. Alternatively, you can make a small hole in the shell and blow the contents of the egg, leaving only a decorative framework.

2. Fill a bowl with hot water.

3. Add the water 2 tbsp. spoon of vinegar. The vinegar will make the color brighter eggs, this trick you can use and prettification eggs in another way!

4. In water with vinegar, add food coloring, stir well.

5. Now, the most interesting moment. Wrap rubber bands around eggs randomly, creating original designs.

6. Put the eggs in water with dye, wait until they acquire the necessary shade.

7. Carefully take out the eggs from the water and take off the gum. Wipe with a paper towel with the remnants of paint eggs.

8. Easter - a bright holiday, which emphasizes the greatness of bright colors. It looks wonderful, right?

You can make the eggs more beautiful, using several colors for coloring! Before you wrap the egg with rubber bands, okras them in a shade that will look harmonious with the next coat of paint. Colored patterns suited to any Easter composition, and will look good in the basket and on the table.

Start Easter cooking now! Tell your friends about how you can easily create an original pattern on Easter eggs with a simple eraser.

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