After the party, the woman woke up covered in bruises. What has changed since her body is appalling!

Englishwoman Tay Wilson - the usual cheerful and cheerful person, a woman, who loved to spend time with their friends and attend a variety of events. But after a party the woman woke up, all covered with terrible big bruise purple. She looked as if she was severely beaten. Only Thea could not remember anything like that. « I do not know how were these huge hematoma. They were all over the body i> », - bitterly said Thea. Hard to believe, but even before going to bed, it felt good and nothing no signs of trouble.

Since bruising themselves never left the woman a few days later went to the hospital. Doctors immediately sent Thea Wilson on bone marrow biopsy.

The diagnosis was terrible: a rare form of leukemia, which caused bruising and constant fatigue. Thea Wilson has already passed the first round of chemotherapy at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, as blood 37-year-old Englishwoman does not clot properly.

Her platelet count was 9, in a healthy person, this figure is between 140-400.

Eight months after diagnosis, Thea feels better. Symptoms subsided, but it is still far from recovery.

Every twelve weeks, the woman must take a blood test, and so over the next three years.

«When I was told that I had leukemia, my world collapsed at one point. But that did not stop me, and I continue to enjoy life » i>, - says Thea.

«Tea - strong-willed person. She stares fearlessly in the face of trouble and is able to turn the negative into a positive. This woman has inspired many of us » i>, - is divided into one of the nurses who cared for the sick.

Thea has done everything in its power to recover. Perhaps this helped her to improve her condition faster than the doctors expected. This proves once again that in any situation you can not give up, you have to be strong and continue to fight, no matter what happens.

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