This is the most dangerous traffic jam on planet Earth ... Keep me seven!

Worst of all wait and catch up. Nobody, for example, does not like to stand in traffic jams. But when you see a chaos of cars, formed in China at Mount Guo Liang Song, you'll find that traffic jams in the capital - it's flowers. And you poorly propetlyat drive over a huge chasm? Looks scary, is not it? This awesome street called "13 heroes" in honor of the 13 brave men, who for five years have paved her right inside the mountain, Guo Liang Song.

I look at this picture - and I have teeth were chattering. I, of course, a lover of extreme sports, but still I could not conquer such peaks without any rescue devices. Horror and only!

The road - 1 250 km, width - 16 meters.

Also on the road "13 heroes" there are 35 so-called windows.

And you would agree to ride on this road?

Personally, I - for no matter what the money! Not for nothing in the name of the road the path appears the number "13". Show the most dangerous on the planet plug fans to tickle nerves.

via ofigenno ru


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