Road collapse - cork

Statistics banal traffic jams in major cities in the traffic jams are about 1,500 vehicles; the average length of traffic jams in Moscow - 1 hour 8 minutes; and the Germans, for example, is held annually in traffic jams 4, 7 billion hours. The absolute record was achieved recently in Sao Paulo (Brazil), where they formed the largest tube length of 172 km. According to analysts, in this traffic jam "standing" 3, 5 million people. And the reason for such a powerful traffic congestion has become banal workers strike metropolitena.Chto I say, cork - a thorn in the large cities.

Perched on the roofs of buses and trucks, Muslims return home after a three-day religious festival in Raivinde - a small town in the province of Punjab, November 8, 2009. (Arif Ali / AFP / Getty Images)

Morning traffic jam on the bridge Hua Yuan in Chongqing, China, July 28. (OLLI GEIBEL / AFP / Getty Images)

Manila residents are drawn to work under the railway along the main road Epifanio de los Santos on January 21. (TED ALJIBE / AFP / Getty Images)


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