As the tube is born!

Traditional jam at the crossroads Plekhanovskaya / Koltsovskaya - one of the main "nucleation" daily congestion in the center of Voronezh. Through the kindness of the administration center "Chizhov Gallery" we were able to observe the birth of cork "aerial view" - from the observation deck of the new business center. This is a highly edifying spectacle, and offer you

8 ph via voronezh

Step one. Cars crossing the Plekhanov, do not have time to get involved in the Koltsovo green traffic light and stop before proceeding:

Step Two. Cars traveling from the square. Outposts are trying to make a left turn at the Koltsovo and also abut the tail plug, blocking the crossroads even diagonally:

This is not the cork, but its first stirrings.

Step Three. Now, the flow on the street. Plekhanov did not have time to pass on your green and it came up against the car from the street. Koltsovo:

Machines are trying to bypass standing in the middle of three buses and traffic stops.

Step Four. To join congestion turning left from Koltsovo:

Step Five. Turn the streams crossed and blocked each other:

Step Six. They were joined by flows, following a straight line. At the traffic lights, no one is looking, how to go "as far as possible»:

Step Seven. It forms a "carousel", where newly arrived machines create kind of "circular motion" in an attempt to bypass congestion on the arc and wedging into streams traveling directly:

Step Eight. Jam is ready! Machines cost from the intersection to the square. Outpost:

But rules prohibit enter an intersection if you can not pass it. If they still comply with ...



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