Big belly = a claim to the mother

Bert Hellinger: “the One who has a big belly, it is his mother. Mother, I rejected, because I keep in my stomach.”

What is the relationship between a big belly and claims to mother?Oddly enough, but the answer will help the knowledge of qigong.

Qigong (Chinese. Trad. 氣功, Mgmt. 气功, Pinyin: qìgōng) is the ancient Chinese art of self-regulation body, the traditional health system, the Foundation of the internal martial arts styles.

The basis of qigong lies a simple idea: a one – Man conduit between Heaven and Earth. Between the subtle world (imagination) and dense world (reality).


Man is born in order to realize in the material world, their plans, ideas, thoughts. No wonder they say: what you think comes true in life.

The Taoists said that the enlightened man should be hollow bamboo (pipe), not to prevent himself to embody his own ideas.

Imagine that a pipe from point a to point B moves a substance (liquid, energy, whatever) clogged clogged. Imagine that the tube is the tube. What will happen then?

First, the substance will not pass. And secondly, subject to the discharge in a pipe the same substance, there will be a swelling of our pipe.

As the pipe and of man are one and the same, then the swelling will happen in the very soft place, that is in the stomach.

From what sort of substance should swell the stomach in humans?

From negative emotions.

Don't believe? Eh, people, people! Do you really believe that what is invisible is unreal? In this case, look at your cell phone. Did you see the waves, which communicates with another subscriber during a call? Of course, nothing you can't see but can hear you all perfectly!

And another argument. When you feel bad, don't you feel the weight in my heart, pressure in the chest, aching pain or nasty selenia?

And when you say the phrase “a heavy heart”, “stone soul” — you really feel their invisible emotions.

Emotions are invisible, but felt. It is a fact.

Every sane person must understand that we live feelings and emotions, we all do in order for them to experience.We want happiness, but on the road to it and feel anger and pain and anger and hatred.

Emotions are in us, as food. And should also as food out of us.

Remember for life:

Positive feelings and emotions pass through our body. Because we and they are one and the same. Our essence is love.

Negative emotions linger within us and without awareness of causes of body do not go away.

Negative emotions, like food, which must be release from the body. Otherwise it will be intoxication. Try to eat and not to go to the toilet at least 2 days. Life will become a nightmare.

Let's get back to the big belly.

Any child – flesh and blood of his mother.He expects mother's unconditional love. Selfishly waiting.

But it happens that my mother plans a child's life. It can criticize or demand from a child what he is not ready, perhaps not destiny.

The child may resent, to hate, to experience emotional pain. All of these emotions remain in it.

But the baby is growing and to survive, he needs to FORGET all the bad. Otherwise, his psyche.

It grows, forgets, but invisible feelings piling up in him. Tube in my stomach grows.

Over time, the child ceases to be what is intended. To be the conduit between Heaven and Earth. He stops to turn their dreams into reality.

Forgotten by mind, invisible to the claim tube in the throat and stomach to block the implementation of his success.

It is therefore absolutely just another phrase Hellinger: “Success is the mother's face”.

It means: how to treat the mother in your soul, in your subconscious, this will be your true success.

You may think that you love your mother, but the reality will tell you the truth. The reality is feedback is your true love to the parents.

Let's summarize:

1. You have a tummy. It means that there is a claim to the mother. This claim limits your success. Perhaps you are successful, but the stomach issues that your ambitions still unsatisfied. You can deceive anyone, that you are a successful, but not themselves.

2. As a reasonable man, comprehending inbound in your life information, you begin to remember their attitude to the mother. What is actually your love to your mother? To test yourself for love send mentally mom beam your love and look how he's justified.If your love less the ocean (that is, restrictions on the width), then you still have a claim.

3. Locate practices through which you will be able to dissolve their claims to the mother and increase the flow of love to the mother width.

4.When restrictions on the flow of love will disappear completely, you will be surprised at their own success. And in money, in health, and in relationships.

You will be warm hearted, accepting, loving. The success of the likes of these. And the money too.

You will once again become a conduit for their ideas.The inside tube is dissolved. The belly will go away. Guarantee. I wish you a life full adoption! published


Author: Mark Ifraimov

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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