Whether women should obey men?

Women's health at the center of energy, its movement depends on the ability to obey. Voluntarily. Happily, on the basis of love. Just. My husband said - good. "You think you think I'm wrong? You know better. " All. Did, then says: "I still think that you were wrong." I did as he said yes.

One man came and said: "Why do you have such a wonderful wife? Why do you have such harmony in the family? "He came to my teacher came. Mentor said: "Now I'll show you why." He says: "My wife, may be you for a minute?" The woman came. He says: "Take, please, the clay." She took the clay. He said: "Mix with butter, ghee." She looked at him he took butter, mix. And now napeki pies. Well, cookie. She speckle brought him. He says, "Now throw them. What are you made of clay baked biscuits? "She threw, he says:" All of them? "He says," Yes, go. I'll talk to the man. " He says: "And what?" He says, "Yes, and all┬╗.

He comes home. Wife sitting playing cards with her friends. He says: "My wife." Silence. "My wife!" - "Go to hell!" - "My wife! Wife, come here, I told you! "Came. He says: "Take the clay." She took. "Take the oil." She took. "Mixed!" Mixed. "Napeki cookies." - "What are you - crazy or what?" "I'm telling you - napeki cookies." Speckle. "Now throw." She took it, and this put the pan on the head. The hole just got together with biscuits. He came, said: "Yes, I understand the difference┬╗.

That is a happy woman - a healthy woman. Emotionally and physically. A healthy and happy woman, who has found a man who gladly comply. Glad to obey it. I like to obey, can you imagine? Like. Men do not represent. And women, too. Why is that? Because the energy is spinning for a long time in the other direction. And if it turns the other side was responsible for the distribution of energy to the organs located below the diaphragm, I swear to you, gynecologists unemployment will not be in the coming years. As long as women are fighting for the 8th of March and for the emancipation and equality, and for control, and "who is the boss, and so on. Gynecologists are after psychologists and pharmacists, and lawyers, but lawyers will remain the most popular professions. They are without daily bread does not remain. Therefore, there is a choice.

When the navel center is closed? Energy is why it stops moving? Then, when allowed to use their own mind and make their own decisions. You say - because this is the control and power. No? This does not mean that a woman who is subject to it no longer has an opinion. Or is it like a fool stupid accepts all as a "spit in the eyes of God's dew". "Yes, dear, yes, my dear ..." dolls a skirt. The head of this, you know. Not at all. She has an opinion, she then express it to her husband in the tender form. Maybe not even in the tender. But under appropriate conditions again. Be sure to express. But the principle of "first to perform, and then discusses the" make a woman healthy and happy.


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