The female body delicate and sensitive, so women are different from men's duties. The woman has very advanced intelligence and intuition. The woman easily and frequently changing solutions, while the man moves to the target like a chimney and can not quickly switch to something else. Hence the many contradictions and misunderstandings. But we must understand that all the female nature intended for motherhood, for the sensitive of listening to the needs of the child. Never a woman can not act like a man and be happy. And vice versa.
The woman - a mother

So ...
If the wife wants the family was happy, it should perform and organize the implementation of all the household chores (washing, cleaning, repair). This does not mean that a woman should get involved in physical labor. A woman should be the inspiration. House - a field of activity of his wife. Woman activates creativity men, and then it becomes interesting to work.
A woman should be pious. Qualities of character transmitted to children from his wife, and the mind - from her husband. Piety women - the greatest force in the universe. Man pious woman becomes invincible in all things and be able to protect themselves from the very difficult situation in life. The more pious woman, the more she intuition.
Female piety - the biggest force in the universe
A woman should know and read protective prayers, cherish her husband. Woman puts psychic energy in her husband and children. In difficult times or illness woman gives his mental energy on the recovery of her husband and children. If the husband is healthy, then all things go uphill.
A woman should be a better friend to her husband. A man can not become a close friend of his wife's heart, while his wife did not want to. Wife so full control of her husband.
Woman provides peace and tranquility in the home. If all the fuss, bother in the house, go twitching - a mother's influence, and if all cloudy and gloomy walk - a father's influence.
The duty of a woman: to inspire her husband to take care of her. Man in itself will not guess about the needs of women, as the male body - gross. Women are much more sensitive than men.
A woman should make sure that, as far as my husband is optimistic, and immediately begin his power to inspire the performance of his duties, if optimism falls.
The wife should behave towards her husband properly. Do not criticize her husband in front of others. No one reveals the secrets of family life - everything is always fine. Then the man starts to progress in all areas. The wife must be truthful in relation to her husband and he constantly disclose your mind.
You can never treat her husband as a friend to other men as well as destroyed the marital relationship. Man respects the woman who, in the presence of her husband shows all respect for her husband. Such a woman will be respected by all.
A woman should know how to attract the attention of her husband. Be nice to her husband, then she will be happy.
Women's health depends on how it is decorated, and how much she eats food, nice for her. Beauty woman depends on how much my husband loves her.
With her husband she should talk gently, tenderly and gently. Even the most complex things should say so. Do not put pressure on the man. Male closes at this point. The man understands a woman only if she shows weakness. No other choice. To the man should be treated as a supervisor. A woman should respect her husband as a very serious man.


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