Refined melted butter (or ghee ghee) is a pure milk fat without antioxidants and other additives.

Ghee in Ayurveda is considered one of the most sattvic foods. Sattwic - so blessed. Ghee is a product that is the cleanest energy of the fire on the ground. What is the net energy of fire? This is the energy that is the best way helps digestion; eradication of diseases in the body; Protection from cold, hypothermia, and so on.

Ghee increases Ojas - the subtle essence of all tissues. It enhances all kinds of agni (digestive fire), increases the energy of the digestive processes and the action of enzymes in the body, without arousing while Pitt. It applies, in particular, on dzhatharagni (digestive fire of the small intestine) and bhutagni (fiery power of the liver that controls the transformation of food). It does not clog the liver, as other oils and fats, on the contrary, gives it strength.
Ghee nourishes marrow and nerve tissue and the brain, a positive effect on all the delicate tissues of the body, including the reproductive tissue. Through the power of Ojas it gives Tejas - the fire of the mind - and thus enhances medhagni - fire of intelligence and perception. With these properties, it is an excellent anti-aging, tonic for the mind, brain and nervous system.

The healing properties of the oil Ghee:

 - Aids digestion - stimulates the absorption and assimilation of food;
 - Improves memory and eyesight;
 - Is a "lubricant" for connective tissue;
 - Promotes flexibility of the body;
 - Has a rejuvenating effect, promotes cell regeneration;
 - Increases metabolism in tissues;
 - Is the vehicle that carries the healing properties of herbs and spices in the tissues of the body;
 - Contains vitamins A, E, nicotinic acid and minerals: Na, K, Ca, P, Mg, Fe.

Cooking time ghee depends on the amount that you drips out:

1 kg - 1 hour - output 0, 8 kg
Ingredients: butter.
Method of preparation:

Make ghee ghee is not difficult, but it takes a lot of time. To reveal a sweet nutty flavor of ghee, it is necessary for a long time to heat it on low heat until it evaporates from all water and milk solids will not separate and float to the surface. By removing these particles, you get pure amber ghee.

1. Melt the butter in a large heavy gauge saucepan over medium heat and bring it to a boil. Do not worry, when it starts to bubble and gurgle. Just turn down the heat as much as possible, and leave the pan on the stove with the lid open. From time to time remove the foam that forms on the surface, so that the oil is not burnt.

2. When the white particles on the bottom and walls of the pan begin to acquire the golden brown color, transparent oil, so that the bottom of the pot seen - a signal that it is time to fire off. If the oil to heat too high heat or too long, it will darken and begin to emit a pungent odor. Ready ghee ghee has a golden color and transparent.

3. Carefully pour the ghee through a strainer (or 3-4 layers of cheesecloth) into a jar or crock pot and let cool to room temperature, without closing the lid. Properly cooked ghee can be stored indefinitely, being in a dark, cool and dry place and sealed containers. Moreover, it is more, the greater its therapeutic effect. Ghee hundred years of exposure, a cure rare force.


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