Simple health recipes of Tibetan medicine

In the modern world has access to all the benefits of civilization, but, unfortunately, not to the gifts of nature: clean air, natural food and clean drinking water. Now it is almost impossible to find healthy, organic food that will bring benefits not only our body but also the soul.


In this situation it becomes vital to use of products the use of which will improve any diet is to give strength to the body and cheerfulness to the spirit. It is to such unique products are ginger tea and ghee. Before proceeding to a fascinating explanation, I think, is to pay attention to the recipe of these dishes, in order that the reader would have been easier to introduce the main characters of the article.

Recipe clarified butter can now be found in almost any culinary website, but some recipes will scare us with a cooking time of 2-5 hours depending on the volume (if you heat in the oven) or the complexity resulting from the production of oil on a water bath. But there is a method of preparing a “concentrated solar power” or the main jewels of Tibet — oil, Ghee simple, proven by personal experience, by the method mentioned in the ancient treatise of Tibetan medicine.

Melt the butter in the pot over medium heat and bring it to a boil. When the surface of the oil formed a white foam, reduce the heat as possible, and leave the pot in the open fire. From time to time remove the solid particles rising to the surface. Make sure that the oil is not burnt.

You have no cauldron? Feel free to take a thick-walled pot and follow these instructions. Time of heating from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours, but more hours will be required only in the case if You get a hankering to melt down all the butter in the house and the amount will exceed 2 kg!

The finished oil should be so transparent that would be seen the bottom of the pan, and it is in that moment when You look at the first cooked ghee and through the Golden surface will see the bottom, you will understand that the ancient Tibetans were right — you really concentrated solar energy.

But let's not forget about the ginger drink, which deserves no less attention from the masses, although not called the jewel of Tibet, but just ginger or drink ginger tea.

This recipe can vary depending on the needs of who uses it or depending on what You have at hand, and the only mandatory component is, of course, ginger root. Although there is a classic, in my opinion, the recipe, which with the right preparation will be the harmony of all five flavors (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter), that are very rarely taken into account when cooking and inventing new recipes for modern cooks and lovers of food.

If the preparation of dishes using foods and spices all of the above flavors, the dishes are not just food, and wonderful medicine, which fills the body harmony. For ginger tea, it is not necessary to take the tea, and for some disorders in the body is strictly prohibited, so tea is a classic recipe will not:

A Cup of boiling water add about a teaspoon of grated ginger or 1/3 teaspoon of dry ground root (but this option is possible in extreme cases or in field conditions, because in the application of powdered ginger, You are depriving yourself bright tone reminiscent of a citrus taste, which is the only fresh ginger. The dry version will be only edge.). Add a slice of lemon and ground nutmeg and cinnamon. Infuse and cool slightly, about 45 degrees, then you can safely add a teaspoon of honey or two, not afraid to destroy the healing properties of honey under the influence of high temperatures.

After such extensive explanation about the recipe I would go to the incredible healing properties of these two products. The first and fundamental cause of such different products in a single article is that both ginger ale, melted butter and Ghee are very hot products in nature. Their use of sharply continental cold climate is extremely important. The most frequent in our latitude diseases such as chronic respiratory disease, pathology gynecology (failed cycle, cystitis, thrush, inflammation of the appendages, neoplasms of the uterus), tendency to constipation, chronic hemorrhoids, changes in blood pressure, kidney disease, chronically cold extremities, frequent headaches are most often diseases of cold procedure-induced hypothermia and reduction of internal fire Tumo (as it is called in Tibet).

Ghee is one of a kind oil, which is not just warm, but hot property. This property is due to the fact that melted butter is of animal origin. Therefore, initially it will be warmer in nature than any other vegetable oil. Warm properties of butter are increasing and becoming hot after cooking, because during a long stay in the fire vytaplivaete all the liquid and all cold component of the oil. Stays really clean solar energy. Because of this ghee is one of the few products, shown in use for people of all ages and with any disorders.

Clarified butter will warm and nourish vitality of people malnourished after an illness, prone to dryness skin, giving the skin its inner glow. But it is perfect people with the opposite disorder, e.g., obesity, because the fats melted butter are easily digested and will not provoke the accumulation of excess weight. This is the only oil that does not mucous component in the form of water. And as you know, the cause of excess weight is always to accumulation in the body of the elements Water and Earth. Although a person of normal physique in the use of ghee for a long time can lose 1-2 kg (due to the excretion of water, which stagnates in the intercellular space) absolutely imperceptibly. This is due to the property of the melted butter to normalize not only the metabolism in the body, but and water-salt metabolism.

Ginger tea has several advantages over ghee and some disadvantages. Ginger tea is exceptionally strong drink, but not by degree, but by property. This is due to the presence in the beverage of ginger root, lemon, honey and warming spices. The drink should be the primary substitute for tea and coffee in our climate zone throughout the year and especially in winter, when the protective functions of the organism are reduced. Unlike tea and coffee, it will add strength, tone, enrich the body with vitamins, and most importantly, really warm in the cold season.

Tea and coffee are the products of “windy”, respectively, a short time after their use you will feel vivacity, but soon will have a tangible loss of strength. The more people consume tea and coffee, the more it depletes your reserve of vital energy given at birth. This process is linked with the nature of tea and coffee. They are dominated by the element of Wind, and the wind, known as light, active, but empty at its core. Therefore, these drinks will energize the body at the expense of your energy as they are active, but no nutritional value as such.

And another thing is ginger tea. Ginger root is an extremely hot spice, lemon – hot properties fruit, honey in the East is considered the elixir of life and the key to longevity, and the cinnamon and nutmeg help to eliminate toxins from the body, through the establishment of the digestive tract.

Ginger drink can be drunk throughout the year, people tend to colds, inflammation of the urogenital system and those who are chronically cold in summer and winter. Because of their special hot properties, this drink becomes a salvation for many. Although for those who are prone to frequent heartburn, diseases of the biliary tract, ginger drink should be taken with extreme caution, since it may provoke a sharp release of bile. In such cases, it may appear a little heartburn or nausea. But it can happen with any person, even if he shows ginger drink, in that case, if he's going to abuse it and not follow the proportions cooking. Drinking ginger beverage and ghee is the prevention of any stagnation in the body. If You already have such problems, ginger tea, and clarified butter will be for you the most delicious medicine You ever tasted.

And the main thing — do not forget that eating perseverance man does not do: he does it every day, not less than 3 times per day throughout life. Therefore, the choice of high-quality, healthy food we should be treated as a daily Wellness practice, and to approach this process with full responsibility for their own health. As ancient wisdom: it is better to take food as medicine, than medicine as food.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©




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