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Everything must be done to ensure that his son was full father. If for some reason it turned out that the mother and father can not live together, but the father is not burdened by serious moral vices and bad habits, the mother should fully promote intense contact between father and son and his men surrounding rodstvennikami.Berech authority, not undermine his disparaging remarks how much in vain and rude shouts, especially on minor occasions.
To encourage communication with the true man of honor, truly respecting sebya.S son talk in an adult, respectful, on the understanding that in front of you - a full-fledged man, only a little pozhivshiy.Ne dismiss annoyance of issues to take them seriously and possible to answer them in detail. Proceed from the fact that boys are no naive or premature questions are incompetent, arrogant and unintelligible responses. Listen to his son carefully, but do not encourage excessive talkativeness it. Do not lisp. Do not take care of his son too.
Every year, charging as much as possible self-service operations, and then the benefit of the whole family (starting in infancy with tying shoelaces and filling his bed and ending in adolescence repair of furniture, electrical appliances and other equipment) .Not curb business initiative, even if it threatens some damage (eg, broken cup). Do not chase away the boy from doing some business men (father, grandfather, elder brother, etc.), on the contrary, as far as possible to attach it to the simple operations in housekeeping and work with technology. Enforce a balance between praise and critical zamechaniyami.Ne groan at the sight of his son (grandson), scratches, abrasions, bruises and other minor injuries, do not scold them, and calmly handle the wound, saying something like "before the wedding will heal." With 4-5 years of age to wean rush to a seat on public transport, on the contrary, to give way to women and elderly passengers, including her mother. Even in the pre-school age to begin to introduce his son to the course of their affairs and problems, causing the sympathy and empathy. Whether grow from a guy a good father, can be judged by what he has a son. Every day, from infancy - fizzaryadka gradually increasing complexity, first in an apartment, then as far as possible on the street. Exempt from physical education lessons at school only when a clear threat to health. Before school to learn to swim, ski, ride a bicycle, play volleyball or any other game with myachom.Vsetselo encourage truthfulness, in the case of an honest recognition of the offense committed in the penalty reduces to a minimum or to zero, accustomed to the idea: honesty profitable deception. From an early age to cultivate the efficiency, life schedule. Violation of the regime - only for good reasons. Learn to count time with a small margin, to leave the house on time (a real man come to the right place on time and never late). Accustomed to the rule: without allowing a word - Be of good courage, and having given - keep. It is especially important personal example - all the promises made to his son, strictly vypolnyat.Ne to ridicule, not to offend, not to humiliate his son. They have the ability to sink into the memory of a lifetime. At the same time impart to the people, their behavior, opinions, especially to mistakes, blunders and shortcomings. Discreetly but firmly to stop mocking, arrogant, haughty expression of attitudes towards people. Indulgence - very masculine quality. With 6-7 years of discussion include obschesemeynyh issues (placement of furniture in the apartment, another major purchases, organization of summer vacations, etc.). As soon as possible to begin to identify the business and creative inclinations, but not to impose a range of activities force ...
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