In women, it is believed that the death penalty is silenced.

In women, it is believed that the death penalty is silenced. Here is silent, a silent woman! It's just a deadly disease! But who makes it worse? Just imagine! it can not be silent, but say dryly: "yes", "no", "good", "how can you say", "of course." She can talk ... But at the same time in this speech is not love, it closes the valve love.

And as a man chastens? A man ceases to care, no longer show signs of attention. But the main thing after all, care - attention must constantly ask, "How are you feeling?" "Is everything all right?". Being close. If something goes wrong, then it hear and decide. Most often hear important.

It must be remembered that the natural need of the soul - there share their love, give love ... When we deprive someone into force resentment of his ministry, the fools are we alone. Only we ourselves, and no positive pleasure not entirely a matter of fact!
If a person abstains from love, the situation will never be resolved for the better. The situation is only getting worse - that between you no matter what happens, do not stop talking! Do not stop talking!

And yet there is a very important factor. If we offended someone, most often due to the fact that we do not find the ability to create in their lives what we want! We can not create it and offended by those who supposedly prevented or does not, or does not inspire, or not appreciated, and so on. We can not create what we want. What offense?



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