TREAT ORGANISM fermented milk products

Dairy products More recently our "medical luminaries" were not touched. More than that, they were considered useful in all dispensaries drank kefir. But times are changing and so kefir, suddenly, too, turned out to be harmful to health. Ayurveda classifies as yogurt (yogurt) to one of the most useful products in the world.
Yogurt unlike milk, which cleanses and strengthens the mind and of the gi, which purifies and strengthens the mind, mainly affects the prana - vital energy of man. Therefore, kefir has a pronounced therapeutic effect in cases where there is a traffic violation of prana in the body. As we have said a feeling of cheerfulness, freshness, and activity in the body indicates the normal movement of prana. If a person is constantly feels in your body fatigue and weakness, it alleges a violation of movement of prana.
Thus, dairy products selectively influence the activity of prana. Our body is divided into many different tissues and organs. For all their activities they need underpinning energy. Therefore, prana is adapted to operate in different organs in different ways. Likewise, various dairy products affect the different types of prana. So just change the use of a fermented milk product to another, you can selectively increases the activity of a particular function of the body.
For example, yogurt, affects maintenance prana body vessels and nervous system by activating them to operation. Kefir improves the function of the glands of the body and affects the immune system. Sour selectively affects human hormonal functions. Curd improves the regenerative capacity of the nervous system, strengthens bone and cartilage. Buttermilk restores Orany digestion. Serum activates digestion and affect protein metabolism in tissues. Cheese activates muscle function and enables regenerative force in the internal organs like the liver, kidney, spleen, heart, lymph nodes.
Such violations are treated fermented milk products. For treatment in different seasons using different dairy products:
  1. In the spring, physically impaired people preferred to be treated yogurt, fermented in cream or sour milk. In the morning for breakfast in the yogurt add honey, cinnamon, cardamom, dried apricots, dried pears, golden root. Also in the spring, you can use cottage cheese for breakfast, adding it to the product mixture to taste.
  2. In the summer you need to drink in the morning 6-8 am yogurt (yogurt) mixed with: honey (sugar), spices (cinnamon, fennel , star anise, cardamom). You can also add sweet dried fruit, dried fruit, nuts (pine, hazelnut). In very hot weather, yogurt diluted with water.
  3. In the fall of most people fit ryazhenka in which it is desirable to add the honey, nuts (except peanuts), star anise, saffron, golden root.
  4. In the winter food used sour cream and cheese. You can also drink fermented yogurt or fermented baked in cream. In the fermented milk product is added: 1ch.l. ghee, honey, saffron, star anise, cinnamon, golden root, nuts.
    Thus, for each season, a suitable milk product.


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