How to get rid of acne

I have more than 15 years I am suffering with problem skin. This is not the teenage trouble. Of course, it is nice when in 30 years they give you 18. But I wish the reason for this was not the pimples on the face.

I tried almost everything: cosmetic cleaning, trips to the dermatologist, special creams and masks, peelings and other treatments. And only six months ago found the right recipe for cleaning the skin and getting rid of acne. Without expensive treatments, ointments and antibiotics. Cheap, simple, but somewhat extreme. At least for me.

Called this miracle recipe is simple: a proper diet. For life!

How food affects your skin?

We are not talking about a diet for 2-3 weeks, but about a complete change of diet. After all, the main cause of pimples and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms on the face is getting into the blood and skin cells of toxins. Which mostly is brought into the body with food. And that the toxins need to fight in the first place.

Have you ever seen to have fatties and fatties had problems with the face? I don't. All the chubby women I've seen, is surprisingly smooth and clean skin! And all because of toxins in their physique does not accumulate in the upper layers of the skin, and adipose tissue.

But thin people and men asthenic Constitution suffer from a skin problem very often. Of acne, common acne, abscesses – view of the detrimental microflora on the face can be very different. But the reason that activates the activity of these microorganisms, is always the same – poor diet, which leads to malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

Some foods will have to stop eating forever?

The main source of toxins for oily skin – heavy food rich in sugar and simple carbohydrates. It slows down the metabolic processes in the body and stops the elimination of toxins.

Moreover, if after the improvement of the skin condition to start again there are cakes, pastries, sweets – the problem will appear again. Therefore I for myself have accepted the inevitable – my new diet needs to become my lifestyle.

So, what products would have to be excluded from the diet, if you really want to get rid of acne, but do not want to kill the liver antibiotics?

Of sweet pastry. That is, any cakes, which along with wheat flour there is sugar, even in small proportions. This pies, cakes, rolls, cookies, and even a factory loaf and other bread! And also any food which contains yeast. Pasta, including durum wheat, is also recommend to exclude. Flour products and foods that cause fermentation in the body – the main enemies of clear skin! All sweets and drinks that contain a lot of sugar, Coca Cola, soft drinks, packaged juices, bitter chocolate, candy, jam, marmalade, etc. Sugar, even apart from flour causes fermentation in the stomach and intestines, causing a release of toxins. Fried foods. All the food you need to cook, bake, braise, ideally, cook for a couple. But not to fry! Oil heated in the pan and the food fried in it is a source of toxins. About fast food I don't even mention this evil, is clear.

That is, the diet is severe: borscht without pampushky, no sandwiches for tea – just dried fruits... It's hard. But necessary if You really decided to become beautiful.


What and when to eat to cleanse your face from acne?What can we eat? And most importantly – when? Because the time at which You eat certain products, will greatly affect the process of recovery and purification.

Morning from 6 to 9. This is the time when you need fruits, dried fruits, honey, dairy products. Yogurt with bananas, cottage cheese with strawberries and cream, dates for tea – this should be Breakfast. It was at this time sugary foods are digested best, and milk to treat the intestines and stomach. But don't buy yogurt with sugar and fruit. Only unsweetened yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, yogurt and other foods without artificial sweeteners.

Day 11 to 14. This time, cereals (especially oatmeal), cheese, vegetables raw and cooked or stewed, potatoes, nuts, meat, fish and eggs (if You eat them). Until 14:00 the body to digest almost any food. And unless they add in that extra slice of meat loaf, or cake after the soup, there will be consequences in the form of rashes on the skin. Not at all, but if You have a problem you already have – then we will.

Evening from 16 to 18. Being boiled and stewed vegetables, light dairy products (fermented baked milk, yogurt), baked fruit and buckwheat. All those products on digestion which the body needs no more than an hour. And no meat and potatoes! These products are absorbed by the gut more than 5 hours (but if eaten together – it is much longer). And bowel stops anything to suck and digest at about 19:00. Because the evening and night – time synthesis of nutrients, not their assimilation. Everything eaten after 18, go to either the fat or the acne.

The evening and the night from 19 to 6 am. In this period of the day is digested exceptionally warm milk, to which you can add turmeric for extra skin treatment, herbal tea, and water. No other products in Your stomach should not hit!

But beyond these actions, there are special rules, without which it would be difficult to clean skin, even eating perfectly.

Additional, required actions that will help to resolve the issue with problem skin once and for all

In order that the toxins leave the body, you need to speed up the metabolism. Help dairy products that You eat for Breakfast and fruit and cereal. But a faster metabolism speeds up normal water.

1. 1.5-2 liters of clean water a day are mandatory for successful cleaning of the skin. Because toxins are eliminated through the blood and lymph. And the blood and lymph consist of 90% water. Even if You don't feel thirsty, then set the timer for every hour and a half and drink a glass of water. Not a volley, and intermittently, in small SIPS. Measure yourself daily ration of water and don't forget to drink all of it.

If between meals will want to eat – drink water. In the morning when you Wake up half an hour before Breakfast drink a glass of water, you two.

And don't listen to those who say that too much water is harmful. Water cleans the body. And if You have skin problems – so the cleaning process is inefficient. So, the body is nothing to clean, it lacks water. Not from fruit and tea, and the usual, clean.

2. Exercise. Even a regular Jogging in the morning, push-UPS or yoga can accelerate metabolism. More walk, swim, dance – do anything but move. This, ironically, helps to fight pimples on the face.

3. Try to keep the spine straight. If You slouch, your internal organs press against each other, and the stomach to the intestines start to work slower. But if the computer You are sitting straight, if you keep your back straight while walking – problems with metabolism should not be.

4. Breathe with your abdomen or diaphragm. This type of breathing is natural for a human, but we are accustomed to breathe in the entire breast. Because of this, the abdominal organs are not getting the right amount of oxygen and not massaged. And this leads to a slowdown of their work. So breathe as singers or actors – in the diaphragm. Or join in the singing.

Questions skin care

About external care for the skin – specific advice there. You used some special means, were visited at least once a month beautician continue to do so. My experience shows that these measures are needed and effective, but radically changes the situation only change in diet.

And a few words about the sweets: I know how difficult it is for them to just refuse. But when You begin to track the condition of the skin after eaten on the night cake, or even eat lunch chocolate bar, the desire to get rid of the consequences will strengthen the resolve to give up sweets forever.published

Author: Anastasia Romanov

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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