15 mistakes to be avoided in order to have perfect skin

Every girl wants to be beautiful. Makeup helps to emphasize strengths and hide some flaws. But in the first place to look attractive, you need to have a healthy and well-groomed skin. We are ready to great lengths to preserve youth and beauty of the face. But if all that we do is beneficial?

< Website have tried to figure out what errors in skin care we make and how to avoid them.

1. Wrong choose cosmetics

In the care of the face, perhaps, the most important thing - to choose the right makeup. Firstly, it must be suitable for your skin type. Second, be age-appropriate. A wrong care can harm your skin. If there is any doubt, the right choice will help to make a beautician. When you have picked the right care, do not experiment. The frequent change of cosmetics can cause skin problems.

2. Forget about sun protection

Beauticians recommend for daily care in the summer choose creams with a sun protection factor of not less than 15SPF, even if you do not happen a long time in the sun. Owners of such light-sensitive skin creams should be used consistently. This will reduce the harmful effects of UV and avoid early wrinkles and age spots. During a holiday in hot countries is to choose a cream with a protection factor of at least 30SPF.

3. Trying to "dry up" oily skin

Many make the mistake of drying out oily skin lotions containing alcohol or too frequent washing. The effect of this gets back - the skin begins to produce more fat. And dehydrated and starts to peel off. Paradoxically, in order to restore the natural balance of the skin, cosmetologists are advised to use natural oils such as grape seed oil or jojoba.

4. Apply the cream on damp skin

Some people mistakenly believe that if you put the cream immediately after washing, it will help keep moisture in the skin. This is actually a myth. Better well-wet face towel to wipe tonic, give it to absorb and then put the cream on dry skin. Well-chosen cream and tonic will give adequate moisture without excess water.

5. Using strong foaming agents

Do not choose the gels for the face, forming a lot of foam. This is a sign that it is composed of substances that degrade the skin condition. Favor means to form at least a foam. Dry and sensitive skin can be washed without any washing using milk or micellar water, suitable for oily skin soft.

6. Wash your face too hot or cold water

Too hot or cold water can harm the skin. The optimum temperature for washing - a little warm. This water is good to clean the face and does not harm the skin.

7. face powder often

Many girls in the heat too addicted to sugar. Yes, it can be for some time to hide the shine, but it clogs the pores and worsens the condition of the person. Better use of matting napkins - they eliminate excess fat without harming the skin.

8. Incorrect care for the skin around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires special care. For this area you need to use special creams. Apply them is light massaging movements from the outer edge to the inner bottom, then from the inside to the outside from the top. A very important rule: put the cream only on the base of the bone and not on the mobile eyelid

9.. Forget about the lips

Dry and scaly lips just spoil the overall appearance of the face. To lips were beautiful and well-groomed, do not forget to regularly moisturize their balm or hygienic lipstick.

10. Sleeping face on a pillow

For many accustomed to sleeping on your side or stomach so that the face is on the pillow. But it's not good for the skin. When during the night the skin is squeezed, it can lead to the appearance of wrinkles. The optimal position for sleeping - on the back. Since the skin smoothed and better breathing.

11. Stretch the skin when apply makeup

Apply cosmetics only need gentle massage on the massage lines. So the skin will be less stretched. Massage lines extend from the center of the face to the edges.

12. Rarely changing pillowcases

Beauticians are advised to change the pillowcases every few days. The reason is that the pillow absorbs sweat. From this her begin to multiply bacteria. Delicate facial skin can respond to this rash, especially if you have oily or problem skin.

13. Do not use tonic

After washing with water before applying the cream is necessarily wipe the face tonic. It restores the acid-alkaline balance, reduces pores, but also helps the cream to penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin.

14. Frequently touched her hands

In transport, on the street, at work, try not to touch the skin and does not prop up the face with his hand. It's bad what with dirty hands, we run the risk of the bacteria enter the skin.

15. Do not eat and drink enough water

Fatty foods, excess flour and sweet can worsen the skin condition. Beauticians are advised that in order to have healthy skin, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and replace sodas with clean water

. For good skin condition of the body it is important to get the vitamins of group B. To do this, turn in your diet asparagus, apples, carrots, buckwheat, liver. Zinc plays an important role. Its reserves will help to replenish eggs, seafood, seeds and nuts.

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